Whether your game is Blackjack, Poker or Slots, look no further than 32Red. With over 130 of the best casino games on the Net, as well as being recognized for having the best customer support in the business, 32Red really is the UK's favourite online casino!

32 Red Online Casino Review

The first casino that I will review is 32Red. This is an excellent UK casino from 32 Red Plc, the Gibraltar based Casino and poker site with a great reputation for professionalism and friendliness. 32Red have everything a UK gambler needs for a great online gambling experience, you can play in UK pounds, US Dollars or Euros and best of all they payout when you want them to and fast!

First Impression

You are greeted at the tables by the sensual and seductive voice of Patsy Kensit (big break as Mel Gibson's lover in Lethal Weapon). She is just one of the features that have been added to 32Red Casino that sets it apart from many of its competitors. It could be said that the site has been designed with the UK punter in mind. For example many of the cash promotions are based round British current affairs or events.

The games are very much aimed at UK casino players. Importantly, Blackjack is played in the same way as you'd expect in a UK casino; the dealer does NOT receive their second card until you have finished playing. Players find this vital as the House Edge is significantly less when played this way. This is an important difference and not common in all online casinos. At 32Red you can choose from Single-Hand Blackjack (one deck of cards, another advantage for the player), Multi-Hand Blackjack where you can play up to 5 hands simultaneously and Triple Sevens which is normal Blackjack with a Progressive Jackpot side-bet. At the Triple Sevens table there are various bonuses for receiving sevens but the Jackpot is paid if you get three seven of diamonds! The biggest Progressive Jackpot win at Triple Sevens is over £75,000!

Not only does 32Red have one of the best game selections online, but they have also distinguished themselves above all the rest by having one of the best customer service departments (which is provided by the 32Red team personally and not outsourced to a third party call centre like some casinos do these days!). In an industry known for attracting the odd cowboy or two, it's refreshing to see a casino consistently getting glowing reputations on the regular player forum boards. In fact, in all the time I've been active in these circles, the only complaints I have ever seen leveled against 32Red are bonus related - an area which all casinos without exception come in for from time to time, mainly down to the terms and conditions that are applied.

But to be honest, if you go looking for a free lunch then you expect to be asked to do the washing up! If you are a regular player looking for a casino who will treat you right, play a fair game, pay you promptly and reward you with loyalty gifts from time to time, then if you can find a better Microgaming casino than 32Red, please tell me In all my experiences at many online casinos, I seriously don't believe there is one up to the same standard.


  1. 32Red is a popular online casino in the UK and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange!
  2. They originally shot to fame a few years ago when they decided to have the voice of Patsy Kensit as their dealer for their wide selection of games. It was an idea that went down very well with the players. She certainly gives the games a sexy edge you won't find at many other internet casinos on the web today.
  3. A highly respected team are behind this casino. The two principals are ex Ladbrokes (MD and Systems Controller) so they know their stuff. In fact this is one of the few casinos I know that openly publishes all the information about their operation - location, board of directors and more. Not only can you easily find the company's address and phone number, but also pictures of the people involved with brief biographies.
  4. Customer service is provided by the 32 Red Casino team personally - it's not outsourced as most casinos are.
  5. Other touches such as Blackjack played in the same way as in Britain - not as they do in Vegas - confirms 32Red's focus on the UK market.
  6. You can choose from the Download Version of 32Red or the Instant Play Flash Version.
  7. 32Red.com currently offers two different sign up bonus promotions. The first is a 100% deposit bonus up to £100. This bonus is strictly for the slot machine players. However, if you do participate in other games besides slots, 32Red does offer a 100% sign up bonus up to £50. While not as juicy as the slot machine bonus, this one allows for you to play on their table games like blackjack or craps.
  8. 32Red have rapidly become one of the industry's most respected brands. Since its inception in the Spring of 2002 32Red Casino has been winner of dozens of awards including Best Casino, Best Casino Customer Service, Best Player Experience, Most Reputable Casino and many more.
  9. 32Red Casino is even the main sponsor of Aston Villa football team!!


  1. Yes, 32 Red is different. It's different in almost everything apart from the base software which is by Microgaming and the back-room cash handling system by ProcCyber (try finding their address if you want a challenge...)
  2. I also feel that MG is fair software, even though the variance can be high. I've had 2 or 3 bad months on the trot before now, but to me, that's gambling.
  3. My only beef with them is their Club Rouge. Members of this club get better and unique offers but its benefits are reserved for those 32 Red customers that have been invited to join. However, if you deposit a reasonable amount over a month's period you are more than likely going to be invited. If not then simply email 32 Red and request membership!!
  4. It would be nice if there was some sort of cashback for all players IMHO.
  5. Bonus sounds good and does give you some more playtime, but it isn't really worth trying to meet the wagering requirements and lose more than you could have gotten out of it, if you wouldn't. It is always the same. Only a very-very small percentage of players are lucky enough to cash out more using a bonus and meeting all the wagering requirements. I personally don't like wagering requirements bonuses and I avoid claiming them (especially match bonuses). It's good to see that at 32Red, the bonus needs to be claimed rather than being "auto" credited as this means players who prefer to wager without restrictions can choose to do so.

Why is access to this "club" a closely-guarded secret?

The way I see it, Club Rouge is more than a comps program, it's not just about wagering, it's also about relations and custom - a two-way affair. My guess is that it's simply a novelty thing, a "secret" VIP club is exciting, generates publicity (QED), and makes people speculate as to how a membership is awarded. It makes the Casino more interesting. From a marketing point of view, it's an attraction. I've seen similar clubs in restaurants, bars (I even got invited to one ) They don't have any strict criteria, they're just there to make the place more interesting and to attract prominent people, who in turn attract the rest. In 32Red's case, I'm sure it attracts those who have a big bankroll. You know, VIP treatment, bonuses, free money gifts, cigars and all. I don't think they have a set wagering limit. My guess is that acceptance is a multifactorial decision. So, no big deal IMO. Just their way of doing things. I think they treat everyone very well. Much better than other casinos.

Learning Effective Money Management through a Casino

32Red Casino OK, yes we know its gambling, but we all need a little bit of relaxation and fun every now and then. And then keep in mind that short-term speculation on any market is essentially a game of random chance. If daytraders make a bet on a stock, they're essentially guessing the stock will either go up or down. Since there are two outcomes, the odds are 50-50 that the stock will go up or down. That's exactly the same probability of hitting heads in a fair flip of the coin and in these cases its money management that will make the difference - you need the discipline to know when its time to stop and take calculated risks to avoid the 'risk of ruin' (for instance when gambling you will quickly learn that the martingale strategy won't work!!). Gambling also allows you to discover certain personality traits or weaknesses in your character (like for instance if you find yourself losing heavily session after session, then probably you wouldn't make a very good trader!) and as they say a soldier informed is already half armed.

32Red Casino is an Internet version of a REAL Casino. It's fun but you can also use it to learn good money management skills as well.. It's just a shame that there is no charts for us to analyse :D

Click here to visit 32Red and grab £32 for every £10 deposited up to £160. UK residents also stand to benefit from a £10 no deposit bonus. (A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned...)

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