Gambling - Online vs Offline (so called Traditional or Inland Gambling)

Have you ever played the lottery? I'll bet that you have. You probably figured that spending one dollar with the chance of making a million or more was very tempting. All you had to risk was just one dollar. The only problem was the odds. You had better chances

How's this for starters: DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR AMOUNT WORTH OF CHIPS!?! E.g.: $150 in chips for your $75 buy in. Welcome to online gaming!

So what's the difference between online and offline gambling? The debate rages as to whether online gaming is better or worse than playing at a land based casino. It is clearly an argument that cannot be won, as it depends on the preferences of each individual.

Of course both have their pros and cons, but there is a bias regarding the actual gaming experience towards the online method.

For example: you can take your time! No more pressure to HURRY UP and place your bets. With most online casinos, there are no time limits, so you can wait 1 second or 1 hour in between bets, without missing out on a good hand, spin or roll.

Easy Access!

The casino comes to you!. No bags, no travelling, no hotels, no baby-sitters. If you feel like betting $5 on a hand of blackjack, you can without having to schlep to a Iand-based casino.

You don't have to play with a bunch of strangers.

You also have literally 50 different games in 20 different casinos available to you at your desk.

The best thing about online gambling: NO DISTRACTIONS. There are no crowds, smoke or noise. With an online casino you can customise your surroundings to suit you: your dress code, your music, your speed, your rules.

The huge variety of games offered by online casinos boggles the mind. The possibilities are limitless.


Only you know that you've won. In most cases the payment can be wired straight into your bank account, so there's no need to worry about being mugged! You are not carrying anything that could be easily lost or stolen, such as cash, Identity document or, a room key etc.

When comparing the actual activity of gambling to online gaming, the "at home" experience is far more secure, reliable, and fun. The emotions are still intense: a big win is just as exciting and a big loss. It stings just the same (although it's not quite as embarrassing in the privacy of your own home!) So when all is considered... online gambling is your best bet!

Gambling - Don't play just for a bonus!

If there's anything a casino hates, it's someone who plays strictly for a bonus.

Granted, they bring it upon themselves for offering the bonus in the first place - but inevitably the reason for offering this bonus is for you to try out their games, and hopefully become a regular customer. Besides which they must surely be hoping you'll lose it all back and more...

However, there are many players out there who can make a decent living simply by playing for the bonus - meeting the minimum wagering requirements and playing only those games which offer close to a 50-50 win/lose rate. And if these players give the casino even the smallest excuse to disqualify them, you can be sure that the casino will exercise that option - sometimes fairly, sometimes unfairly.

If you intend to play just for the bonus, you should disguise your play so that you don't get red-flagged for some reason or other. Maybe it costs you a little bit of your profit - but it's worth it unless you have the patience to endure weeks or months of wrangling, and without a guaranteed result.

Getting involved in the game doesn’t have to be difficult, the best online bookmakers have plenty of places to explore for potential profit. With that in mind, here are a few recommendations for disguising your play.

-> Don't just meet the absolute minimum wagering requirements. Because most good players will end up with a profit after meeting the requirements, I would suggest taking any remaining profit and playing through it once or twice more - after all, you're playing with their money now and you might even make more - and if you lose, you still get your original investment back.

-> Have some patience if the bonus doesn't show up in your account right away. When you keep hounding them with emails and phone calls, you immediately identify yourself as a bonus hunter. Treat them with courtesy and you'll generally get more rewards from them.

-> With any profit left after meeting the requirements of the bonus, play some of the other games - that's what the bonus is originally intended for anyhow. I prefer to use those profits to go for a bigger payout on something like progressive slots, Red Dog or Caribbean Stud.

-> Don't cash out tiny profits. Not only do they cost the casino money, they're generally not worth waiting for after putting your money at risk in the first place. Try to make at least $100 before cashing out.

-> Whatever you do, DON'T sign up with multiple accounts and usernames. You WILL be found out. If more than one family member wants to collect the bonus, make sure to ask the casino first - they usually don't mind.

-> Don't flat bet. Every now and then, raise the stakes a bit if you feel lucky. Flat bettors are often obviously looking to make the bonus and nothing else. Take the time to write the casino a thank-you email for the bonus - it only takes a minute or so. Not only will casino operators appreciate this, you will be in their "good" book. Also, if you enjoyed playing there, let them know it.

-> Don't chase after every promotion the casino offers. The better ones are worth waiting for. If you're a progressive slot player, don't hesitate to put in some money and play if the jackpot is of high value. Any play outside bonus promotions always looks good.

-> Take the opportunity to promote the casino if you enjoyed playing there - and especially if you won money. Perhaps even sign up as one of their affiliates and mail your friends or post on message boards - or take advantage of their Refer-A-Friend deals, which put money into your gambling account anyhow!

-> You don't have to strictly follow these recommendations. They're just an easy way of staying on the casino's good side while making money from them at the same time.

-> And always remember - the less the casino gets ill treatment from players, the more likely they are to continue offering bonuses.

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