Are Goldline IntelliTrend?

The IntelliTrend 250 Trading System

Intellitrend250 is a share analysis software system originally developed by Digital Data Systems PLC for high net worth individuals and professional traders, but now the software has been developed even further to make it easily accessible to anyone with a PC.

This system automatically downloads the data required and analyses the days market movements alerting you to any areas of interest. This is all summarised in concise instructions, which show you how to buy and sell, then set the orders via the internet as a spread bet ready to be triggered the following day.

The impression I get from the blurb about this product is: "why not risk a 'throw-away' £4995 for the possibility of fat returns (£30,000+ per year!!) a few years down the road - its easy and only takes a few moments each evening, so why not go for it?"

I can see that this would be attractive to someone who has not formulated their own investment strategy, and for those who would like a guided approach to spread-betting.

However, the purchase price of £5k seems high, even with a £500 free deposit in your spread-betting account - after all, you have already supplied that £500, even if we make the true purchase price at £4500! I really think this is way over-priced should be a subscription based service.

It seems, also that Intellitrend are related to Goldline. Intellitrend are promoting Dealing Desk and I recall attending a Goldline system demonstration some months ago. The man who showed me the demonstration used dealing desk in the demonstration... The cost at £4,995 definitely reminds of Goldline.

Other observations on the posted IntelliTrend results:
  1. The size of the bet moves up with the size of the pot, so trading scales with previous success;
  2. Its a bit of a roller-coaster - I seem to remember that the size of the pot went to £14k, and then, through a series of subsequent losing trades, the pot went to £7k. If those sorts of losses are going to make you cry, then this is not for you. Although with only £20 invested, I guess you wouldn't get too upset.
  3. They are trading on a huge £/pt, so the actual % shifts in the stock aren't that great. This would make the system extremely vulnerable to slippage. Also, their costs appear to be the spreadbet cost, and don't factor in extra market spread which would for a substantial proportion of the overall gain they quote.
  4. On occasions, they've got the direction of the move correct, but the cost of the spread-bet exceeded the profit generated from the small share price move, so although they got it right, you still took a loss.
  5. We haven't seen how it performs in a falling market - spread-betting allows us to profit from down-bets in such a scenario, but so far we don't have any results in anything other than a rising market.
  6. On the telephone, they do sound earnest, professional and convincing. They do sound like good guys.

Intelli Trend 250 Claims (from a mailing I received from them)

From: Intelli Trend 250 []
Subject: Intelli-Trend users net £4,017 for the week!


Just as a quick update, I thought you may like to know that as predicted by Intelli-trend 250, the current mini bull wave is continuing and our spread bet profits have doubled since our mail to you last week.

Our profits this week now stand at £4,017

Not only have the shares we told you about last week continued to climb, Intelli-Trend 250 has given us a further 3 new trades that are already in profit!

Spread betting is a marvellous way to make big profits from small moves in share prices... tax free!. As an Intelli-Trend user you know exactly on which shares to set the trades, how much per point to trade and where to set your stops to make money, tax free!

Now is a great time to become a profitable spread trader with Intelli-Trend 250!

F.Y.I our current trades are:

Alfred McAlpine. £30 per point. Current profit £237
Shaftsbury. £20 per point. Current profit £198
Monks Investment Trust. £40 per point. Current Profit £80
JP Morgan Fleming Mercantile.£20 per point. Current profit £444
Green king. £20 per point. Current profit £1,136

Autonomy. £20 per point. Current Profit £1,106
St Jamess Place Capital: £30 per point. Current Profit £12
United Group: £30 per point. Current Profit £804

Trading presents a life long opportunity. Intelli-trend 250 does all the complicated analysis and makes all the decisions for you, you can't go wrong!

Call me today if you wish to have a no-obligation demonstration of Intelli-Trend 250.


Paul Martin
Digit Data Systems PLC

To this I thought I'd ask a couple of leading questions. Most impressive could you please advise the margin requirements you require to sustain these size of bets totalling £210 per point and what spread each trade has to give me an honest indication


Thanks for your enquiry, answers to your questions:

A typical member risks 4% of the available funds on any one trade. For a 20K fund, they would be risking £800, for £2000 (most new members start with 2000 to 5000) it would be £80. The margin requirements vary, but on average equate to a similar amount as the initial amount risked. i.e. risking 4% on a trade, normally the spread betting company would like to see a further 4% in the account. No one has had to credit their account with any more money than the original fund to cover the margin, i.e. the fund will be sufficient to cover the trade and margin requirements. The low margin requirements are fairly typical for spread betting companies - unlike CFDs for example.

If you have any further questions or require any clarification, please ring, as you would expect we are very experienced in spread betting.

Paul Martin.

Digit Data Systems PLC
Concorde House
Trinity Park
B37 7UQ

Does anybody know anything about this INTELLITREND250? Has anyone taken it up? Does it work? Or is it another con? Please write to us below so that other traders are better informed

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