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Our experts are Marius Paun and Jonathan Sudari of LCG. Check back here daily to get the scoop on market events.

Biography: Marius Paun and Jonathan Sudaria are dealers at LCT. Marius has a MSc in Finance and contributes to the Daily Comment by providing a snapshot of the FX, indices and commodity markets (oil and gold). Jonathan started his career in the City in 2005 trading interest rate and bond derivatives and in 2007 joined the dealing desk at City Credit Capital before joining LCG in 2010.

The daily commentaries provide a recap of the market's activity, an analysis of the factors that influenced price activity, a recap of any reports released that day, and a look ahead at the next day's schedule.

Marius Paun and Jonathan Sudaria, dealers at spread betting company LCG comment:

Market Snapshot: GBPUSD & USDCAD setupsMarket Snapshot: GBPUSD & USDCAD setups<media:title />
   Market Snapshot: GBPUSD
Date Published: 2017-06-28
Market Snapshot: Nasdaq reversal and EUR popsMarket Snapshot: Nasdaq reversal and EUR pops<media:title />
   Market Snapshot: Nasdaq
Date Published: 2017-06-27
LCG Market Analysis Webinar (June 26, 2017)LCG Market Analysis Webinar (June 26, 2017)<media:title />
   LCG Market Analysis
Date Published: 2017-06-26