Reviewing the New Skills Courses

Okay today I'm reviewing the trading courses by well-known UK technical analyst Robert Newgrosh; first let's see what they say in one of the brochures they advertise.

Founded in 1993, New Skills is the UK's leading stockmarket training company, delivering innovative, quality courses for private and professional investors.

The company provides comprehensive, cost-effective and cohesive training in a wide range of subjects, but is best known for its outstanding coverage of Technical Analysis & Market Psychology.

New Skills managing director Robert Newgrosh is the UK's most experienced writer and presenter of stockmarket courses, and holds a Distinction from the Society of Technical Analysts. He has been a full member for 18 years. New-skills offers a programme of three one-day seminars that are staged on a regular basis in both London and Manchester.

The company's commitment to quality and value was officially acknowledged when New Skills won Shares Magazine Best UK Investor Training Company award.

Every month we hold a FREE four hour introductory seminar featuring highlights from our award-winning courses. This gives you a chance to sample our content and presentation, and decide on the suitability of our courses.

Our free seminar is a genuine educational event, and is limited to just 20 places. Material includes:
  • A simple chart pattern that's been working with amazing success for over 100 years
  • Professional chart techniques you can learn in minutes.
  • A unique indicator with a tremendous track record since 1984.
  • Powerful trading concepts which are exclusive to New Skills
  • Fascinating highlights from our five award-winning courses

Here's what we say:

New skills ( is run by Robert Newgrosh, who has been running courses for at least 15 years to my knowledge. Robert holds a distinction from the Society of Technical Analysts and has been a full member for 18 years so we know we're dealing with a professional here... But then why is he running these courses if he's a great analyst? Maybe it's just to get away from the screen and give those sore eyes a rest! Or maybe he wants to give something back to the trading community? Who knows!

New Skills are not selling a system or methodology, just basic trading skills and technical analysis. Personally I have never been on one of the paid courses (except of course the free seminar), but have spoken to at least 9 people that have - they found them to be very good and excellent value for money. Robert's emphasis on stop-losses and how to avoid losing big-time will help you stay in the game long enough to start winning.

The free course (conducted in London and Stockport) was certainly for ultimate beginners. Well it's more aimed at spending 4 hours trying to 'convert' fundamentalists to technical analysts! Trying to help them understand that stocks work on supply and demand and the emotions of greed and fear. Mr Newgrosh has a great knowledge of his field and really understands all aspects of technical analysis and is able to comfortably answer all the questions of doubt that were thrown at him. I would say that the price of his courses is really good value too. And if i were a fresh new trader i'd be heading to him for courses and not a broker promoting daytrading to increase their spread and commission profits. Trying to make you churn as much money in their system as possible. It seems that changing from a fundamental viewpoint to a technical view is almost as hard as it would be to change your religion!

His course is split into 5 modules, and you have the option of taking any one or all 5 (big discount if you book the 5 together) which are:

Essential Technical Analysis
Understanding Technical Indicators
Will You Win or Lose
Point and Figure Master Class
Options/Futures/Spread Betting

Robert Newgrosh, sees swing trading as a technique for capturing moves of anything from two days to two weeks. He uses it to get an entry into a medium term trend, for example, trying to catch the next up swing in a medium-term uptrend following a retracement.

The idea is to enter the market at a point when the ongoing trend is about to resume. 'If the market closes near its high then this is a good indication that the medium term trend will continue the next day,' he says. 'However its dangerous to enter the market just on the back of one day's data, instead I would always look at the bigger picture and check for support or resistance before deciding on a trade.'

Newgrosh covers techniques that are suitable for swing traders on his courses but doesn't have a seminar devoted purely to this area.

Whether you are an old hand or complete newbie, I am confident in recommending anyone to attend the free Introductory Course held in London and Manchester each month, then make your mind up as to whether you will feel it worth the investment of a full day or more...costing £365 including lunch and refreshment. - For details, ring 0161 428 1069 or visit the site.

Note that there is no requirement for investment training courses aimed at investors such to be regulated by the FSA, although if they were giving specific investment advice the companies would need to be authorised.

If you have attended one of Robert Newgrosh's trading courses we'd like to hear from you - both positive and negative feedback is welcome. Please write to us below so that other traders are better informed -:

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