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Just a small addendum. I was evaluating the investment newsletter at but I couldn't find much information apart from the website of course. I know that these guys have been going along since 2004 and but the Trendwatch tipping service remains relatively little known.

The Trendwatch magazine is a bi-weekly tipping share publication focusing on shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange and is published by Robert Cullum. The service costs £97.50 for the first year and £129.00 thereafter - although they do offer a 1 month free trial (you have to give your credit card information though...)


Trendwatch claims that their tipping service is useful to traders in shares, spread betting and contracts for difference (CFDs)...etc and is regulated by FSA. The trendwatch newsletter includes a bi-weekly list of shares trending up or down, along with other news and recommendations. See a sample of the newsletter here (pdf format).

Trendwatch Investment Newsletter

On any of those there will be a list of the shares they currently have in their portfolio each showing the percentage gain/loss and a list of their most recent sales with percentage gain/loss. You can decide from this information whether or not you think they are successful.

The Trendwatch Investment Philosophy

"We start from the premise that, in general, the name of the game is buy low and sell high. That's the only way you can make money out of almost anything. It sounds pretty self-evident - until you remember that most inexperienced investors do almost exactly the opposite: they won't touch the stock market with a barge-pole for months or years after a major setback due to fear, and only get sucked in at or near the top as a result of greed (the fear of missing out). The back-end of the technology stock bubble is a truly classic example of that. Thousands of rookie investors are still nursing thousands of pounds-worth of losses as a consequence. Our strategy is classical in its simplicity. We identify shares that are just starting a new uptrend. We then aim to rise the uptrend until it breaks down."

More information on their FAQ's page (

They claim an outstanding track record - in fact they assert that their current tips have gained almost 40% and many have more than doubled. Seems almost too good to be true.

In fairness to Trendwatch they did admit the going was tough during the bear market. Understandable really. I suppose if you're a tip sheet you have to keep giving tips when they themselves would probably have preferred to stay out of the market. After all, one should never buy shares against the trend!

Do we really need tip sheets?

These subscription services always seem to remind me of 'Prince Monalulu' often seen at racecourses tipping winners - for a fee of course. He was very successful with many punters going away with significant winnings. His method was very simple; he tipped every horse in the race so there were always winners.

As far as the Trendwatch newsletter is concerned I believe it's not hard to pick a spread of shares in a bull market and do well but we still need to see how things will fare when the markets are depressed and the share prices are dropping. I have to say that this one is one of the better tipping services I've seen though - good value for money if nothing for just accessing the research, if not following the tips.

Has anyone else had experience of these guys? If so, I'd like to hear from you about your experience with Trendwatch - how successful have you found it?

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