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Financial-Spread-Betting.com is an information site about financial spread betting. We are devoted to providing traders with news, reviews and guides on all aspects of the financial betting and spread betting industries. We are primarily committed to providing objective and comprehensive information about the latest happenings in the industry.

In the finance world it is easy to get lost in the vast sea of information. To help you, we have personally assembled many important resources in one place to make your learning process easier. To start with, make sure to visit (and subscribe to) our Youtube channel and trading course pages that contain many, many amazing free resources. We encourage you look through them all because they contain a wealth of timeless wisdom and trading knowledge. The day trading pages contain many articles about some of the top traders, trading techniques, money management, and trading psychology from leading trading coaches. We have also amassed a nice treasure trove of free videos from some of the greatest financial, economic, and socioeconic minds of our time. You'll find rarely seen footage and collections from Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Naseem Taleeb, and Julian Robertson to name a few. Enjoy! Our recommended reading list is provided here.

This site is for traders both new and intermediate. You may be just starting out or you might be quite experienced but find you continue to lose more than you make at your trading or perhaps you continue to breakeven not really getting anywhere with your trading. Trading the stock markets to riches and financial freedom, the dreams of many, but the downfall of a great many more.

We set ourselves high standards and keep our editorial content independent from our advertising. We are proud to have been repeatedly recognised in the past for providing our visitors with fair, impartial and informative content.

Financial Note: You cannot buy anything directly from Financial-Spread-Betting.com but we may received a commission from listed providers (at no cost to you) if you purchase products/services from the affiliate links on this site. Thanks!

Risk Warning: Financial bets and CFD Trading carry a high level of risk so you should only speculate with money you can afford to lose (which can be more than your initial deposit and stake). Information on this website is intended for informational purposes and may contain errors or omissions. Before you open an account anywhere, please ensure that financial betting matches your investment objectives, familiarise yourself with the risks and if necessary seek financial advice.

Our Writers and News Reporters

Below is a quick synopsis of the writers, reporters, experts, and traders, who contribute by sharing ideas, experiences and research to making our guide a reality.

Andy Richardson is the creator and author of this project. He is a spread bettor and coach with one mission in mind; that of mastering the art of trading by learning it, practicing it and teaching it.

Janice Bollinger (no, not related to the famous John Bollinger!) is a freelance journalist specialising in technology and business issues. Contact Janice at janiceATfinancial-spread-betting.com

Peter Wong has worked for four years with a large PR firm based on the web and has edited more than 4,000 articles in that time. He also swing trades via spread betting. Contact Peter at peterATfinancial-spread-betting.com

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To request an interview or if you would like to be interviewed and have your name mentioned please contact us at traderATfinancial-spread-betting.com

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Financial-Spread-Betting.com has been growing largely by word of mouth over the past 7 years and that's how we like it. We have a great community of stock market traders who follow our articles and tutorials. But we don't have thousands to spend on marketing and newspaper insertions like the big spread betting companies so we need our readers' hand to help spread the word.

Whether arguing for or against spread betting one should always argue from a position of complete understanding and this is what we strive to bring our readers. In particular, we pay special attention to the risks and costs that spread betting firms may not always mention or include in very small hidden smallprint. We present the true, entire picture rather than a glossy marketing 'overview'.

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If you get the possibility, why not form a group of other local online stock market traders and meet with them regularly? We have started an Internet trading club for anyone who's interested and we discuss trading ideas or techniques to help each other. It's fun, you get help and it opens your mind to opportunities that you may never have considered.

If you want to know more about forming a mastermind group, have a read of Chapter 10 in "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

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Spread Betting involves initially depositing only a small percentage of the total trade value, and so losses could quickly exceed your initial deposit requiring you to make further payments. This makes it higher risk, and is why it is only suitable for more experienced and sophisticated investors.

All recommendations and suggestions published on the website are intended for general interest only and should not be construed as personal investment advice. Spread Betting may not be suitable for everyone; please understand the risks involved and if you are in doubt you should seek independent investment advice. The authors may from time to time make statements about certain speculative products and trading strategies, but it is not to be considered as investment advice. Any opinions and recommendations on Financial-Spread-Betting.com are given in good faith, but without legal responsibility and may be subject to change without notice.