One of the main aspects that I have learnt from training many people over the years is that Technical Analysis is not technical or hard by any means. It is mostly visual; if you have a good eye for detail and forget about the over complicated descriptions of the majority of charting tools and simply open your eyes, you can become proficient at the very least in Technical Analysis. As with anything the more you look and analyse the charts, the easier it becomes, the faster you work and the more accurate you become.

The best advice I can give to you as a first time reader of this spread betting guide and workbook – is to forget about all the terms, get used to looking at charts and remember most of all – that considering the rewards that can be made in this business, the initial hard work is a small price to pay.

So now sit back and relax, as I take you by the hand and teach you how I trade successfully and probably most importantly, with little stress.

Module 1: What you will Learn

Learn how psychology of the markets lead me to a discovery? In this introduction module 1, you will learn how I discovered how psychology does play a major factor in trading.

The key Indices. You will also learn about the key Exchanges and what all the fuss is about when the News states that the FTSE is up or down. The Exchanges. Finally we shall end this module on a brief introduction to Exchanges.


I have been involved in trading using technical analysis for many years. It is by far the most accurate way of predicting price movements in the short to medium term that I have found. I do take notice of fundamental analysis, but the strength of my decisions lie in my skill in technical analysis and it is this that I shall be concentrating on in these modules. However, before I even touch on technical analysis and more importantly, how I use various tools that I have found to be excellent in finding good trades, I will be teaching you how Financial Spread Betting works.

If all this sounds like ‘gobbledygook’ to you then don’t worry as by the end of these modules, you will have a sound understanding of what I am talking about. In addition, you will have the skills and the resources to make good quality trading decisions.

But, also I want you to heed my advice on training courses and seminars. Don’t waste your money on overpriced training courses and seminars. Granted there are those that have a right to charge a fortune – the likes of Greg Capra and Oliver Velez spring to mind. Also, there is Steve Nison, who brought Candlestick charting to the masses and deserves to charge whatever he likes for his courses and seminars. But here’s my point; these guys only charge a couple of thousand dollars for their seminars, in fact for the cost of one of one particular Financial Spread Betting seminar that is doing the rounds at the moment, you can have either Greg, Oliver or Steve personally train you. The point I am making here is that these guys have a right to charge a lot of money for their training, yet their courses, seminars and more are cheaper than most of the courses and seminars you can take in this country. Now, put that in perspective with some of the prices that are being charged for courses and seminars in the UK. Most are overpriced and usually of poor content, with no support. I have upset many private trainers in this country by providing good quality courseware and training with full support at reasonable prices – not thousands, in most cases a couple of hundred pounds.

Why? Well, I make my living from trading and not training. Any revenue generated by my website such as the referral fees and the profits from these, goes straight back into developing tools for the students and followers of this website.

I hope therefore, that the next time you receive an invitation email to either a seminar, or asked to purchase a course, that you put it into perspective with those that have a right to charge many thousands and those that are simply fleecing those that are new.

One of the things I am sure that you have quickly noticed is that there is a strict linear approach to how these modules are presented. Why? Simple! I don’t want you to storm ahead and look at the tools and techniques that I use without having any previous knowledge of Financial Spread Betting. You may think that this is mean. Trust me I am saving you more than just frustration, I’m saving you money. There is a chance that you could jump ahead to the techniques without having learnt anything of the background in the markets (and it’s not difficult), begin trading not really knowing what you’re doing. Then before you know it, you’ve quickly made a mistake and could have lost your entire investment. Something neither you or I want. So be patient. READ EVERYTHING and if you don’t understand something then READ IT AGAIN.

By the time you finish this trading guide you will gain a good understanding of how to trade financial spreads. As a matter of fact, I think you’ll know more than many people who are trading now, some full-time!

I hope this trading guide is just the beginning for you. Every day you trade, you’ll learn a little more. As you master the basics, you can add to your trading arsenal by learning some advanced trading techniques to further build your trading returns.

I look forward to assisting you along your journey to successful and profitable trading. It is a difficult profession but one that allows you to achieve all you want to achieve and enjoy all that is important to you.

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