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How to Design a Trading Strategy

May 14, 2016guidfarr No Comments »

How to Design a Trading Strategy Before we start: All Traders should have a mantra, as follows: I will educate myself on how the market works I will learn how to find and place a trade I will create a trading plan and trade my plan I will not chase the market with emotions I […]

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Saucer Bottom, Cup and Handle and Spikes

July 6, 2014guidfarr No Comments »

Saucers and Spikes These are patterns or shapes that you will see at a chart reversal, and fortunately they don’t occur very often as they are difficult to reliably identify. A saucer shape, sometimes called a rounding bottom, is just a gentle curving transition from a downtrend to an uptrend which may take months or […]

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Fundamental Analysis

August 8, 2013guidfarr No Comments »

Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is the study of a company’s financial details in order to determine whether the company would make a good investment or not. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis Here’s a quick run down on what it is and how to perform it. What is Fundamental Analysis? Does this company have a history of […]

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Technical Indicators

June 14, 2013guidfarr No Comments »

Technical Indicators Charles Dow is credited with the rationale behind all modern technical analysis theories. As discussed previously, the market price of a stock / commodity / forex reflects all the current available information about it. Technical analysis is the process of analyzing historical price movement to predict it’s future price. Most of the theories […]

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Technical Analysis

May 4, 2011guidfarr No Comments »

module 15 module 16 module 17 module 2 3

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History of the Financial Markets

April 8, 2011guidfarr No Comments »

A Bit Of History The first Stock Exchange based on modern principles was established in Holland during that country’s booming trading era in the 17th Century. But soon afterwards, in London, shares were traded in two coffee houses – including shares in the infamous East India Company, which was formed in 1688 with a view […]

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Valuing Companies

January 25, 2011guidfarr No Comments »

Valuing Companies Knowing how to value a stock or an asset is absolutely vital in deciding when to buy and sell, to make a profit and avoid a loss. Investors research and buy shares into companies they believe will continue growing while selling those they think will stop growing. It is important to appreciate that […]

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Buy Support and Sell Resistance

December 28, 2010guidfarr No Comments »

Trading Strategy: Buy Support and Sell Resistance This is an alternate trading strategy that you use when a market is not trending clearly, but moving sideways. It is short-term, with the price going between the support and resistance, and you need a sufficient difference between these two to make it worth trading. However, it has […]

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Trading Strategy: Sell Relative Weakness

December 28, 2010guidfarr No Comments »

Trading Strategy: Sell Relative Weakness Another opposite strategy, this one is similar to the buy relative strength. We do not wait for a rally in a downtrend, but choose the strongest downtrending security by a process of refinement. If you remember, one of the observations of technical analysis is that prices tend to fall more […]

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Selling Rallies

December 28, 2010guidfarr No Comments »

Trading Strategy: Selling Rallies This strategy is the opposite of buying dips, and applies in a bear market. It involves taking a short position, selling on temporary strength, an upward retracement or consolidation, in an otherwise downtrending market. Here are the steps involved — establish that the market is going down check that the sector […]

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