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Opened an Ayondo Account with GBP50,000 Real Money!

Jun 3, 2016 at 10:21 am in Ayondo by Andy Richardson

I’m the owner of Financial-Spread-Betting.com and have set myself a challenge.Β  I’ve deposited GBP50,000 real hard-earned cash in an Ayondo account with the objective to try making money by following some of their top traders. This is quite a sizable amount of money to risk for me and I wouldn’t be happy to lose it but I am willing to take the risk in my search for better speculative returns!

Now for a little background. Ayondo is a spread betting and CFD provider regulated by the UK FCA based in both the United Kingdom and Germany. They have been around for quite sometime now and are just about celebrating their 7th year of operation with a birthday bonus bash of up to 25% for new clients who join them from this link. I’m afraid the birthday bonus will be expiring on the 10th June 2016 so hurry up if you want to take advantage of this offer! Of course, naturally I also took advantage of this offer to make my money work even harder for me and maximise my return on investment! At first I thought of only putting 10k into the account but then I realized that you can’t really do much with that kind of money. So I decided to put in 50k!

For your sake let me point out that spread betting and CFD trading carry a high level of risk to your capital and you can lose your money when trading with Ayondo. This is not exclusive to Ayondo; you can lose money with any broker (!) if you can’t make money by trading the financial markets or thru bad risk management; or in the case of Ayondo you can also lose money if you follow the trades of top traders who lose money πŸ™‚

Will I succeed? πŸ™‚ I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ayondo (having even visited them at their offices) and now want to test their social offering for myself. I can’t promise weekly updates as I don’t have time for that but I will promise that I will keep you guys updated on how it goes. In the end I think I will be happy if I manage a return of 10 to 20% per year just by following other traders; of course I’m also very much aware that bigger returns usually imply bigger risks.

Ayondo Tradehub Account

Ayondo Social Account

I will not interfere with the traders I follow; I want to see if I can really make money by copying the trades of other ‘experienced’ traders on Ayondo. For now I will only copy traders who are dealing with real money. I’m not really prepared to copy traders who are using demo funds – operating a strategy on a demo account might make you more fearless and more likely to follow a system without emotions interfering with your trading but I also suspect that they might not care so much about their losses. So for now I’ll stick to copying traders who are trading with their own real cash. I will stop following traders who stop performing for me or if I see that their strategy is failing to perform.

Ayondo are different to other spread betting and CFD providers out there in that they have designed a platform which allows people to automatically follow the trades of other traders. Yes!, you’ve read it right! At Ayondo you can either trade for yourself (on a self-directed – execution only basis!) or set your trading account to automatically copy (mirror) the trades of other traders you choose to follow. Ayondo have set in place a number of protective measures to protect us copiers. To start with ‘top traders’ cannot circumvent ‘trading performance’ – the only way for top traders to climb up the career ladder at Ayondo and attract more followers (people like me!) is to trade successfully and make money. What’s in it for top traders? Their incentive is that they earn a little whenever a member copies their trades and the more copiers they have, the more they stand to earn. Top traders who demonstate consistency will climb up the Ayondo ‘Career’ level and earn more. However, it is important for ‘Top Traders’ at Ayondo to never suffer a drawdown bigger than 25% as otherwise they get relegated back to the basic level and they will not be able to advance anymore. Ever!

Here are the Top Traders I’ve been evaluating at Ayondo:

Simplytrader – Low risk and sustainable returns only trading the DAX (Institutional Level)
ForexGP – very low volatility and drawdown trading mostly FX with some US indices, US light crude oil, Gold and some DAX (Institutional level)
FTSEprotrader – 15% drawdown and low volatility, mostly trades FTSE and some DAX alongside some US indices. (Low risk per trade and has been with us 8 months however is having a difficult may at the moment.)
Jeyakodyk7 – low volatility with steady returns with 7-8 months track record. Mostly trading FTSE and some US indices.
Tradingnachplanb – only 3 months track with high performance risk is medium as he has low risk per trade but a high number of trades and trades as a bull on the German Index. (Not a great trader when the market is in a downward turn or ranging.)
Halo84 – trades mostly DAX and consistent performance.
SentimentQuant – Trades based off of sentiment of products from listings in social media, has a very good performance so far with little drawdown.
MNCapital – Trades a very diversified portfolio with very low risk.

I have started my adventure by following the trades of ‘top traders’ Simplytrader and Jeyakodyk7. Very soon I realised that sometimes these two traders were opening opposite bets on the DAX so if one was long the other was short. Simplytrader was trading in bigger size and unfortunately he had a bad performance in May so I decided to stop following his trades! He ended losing me some 1k damn!! Now I’m just following traders Jeyakodyk7 and Halo84 and it seems to be going better – I seem well on my way to recovery as you can see from my account statement below.

Simplytrader has been with Ayondo since 09/2014 so he had a longer track record than most others.

Simplytrader Performance

jeyakodyk7 has been trading with Ayondo since 10/2015, with a trading performance of 20.72% since registration.

Halo84 has been trading with Ayondo since 09/2015, with a trading performance of 62.16% since registration.

In general I prefer traders who have been trading with Ayondo for a long time, who don’t overtrade (not too many trades per month) and who don’t have too many spikes in their performance record as this could mean they were simply lucky.

Ayondo Open Positions

My adventure has started – what does the future hold for me πŸ˜›

Of course, bear in mind that spread betting and CFDs are leveraged trading products, and can result in losses that could exceed your initial outlay. The people at Ayondo realized that some people might not wish this added risk exposure so they’ve setup a special guarantee where they’ve waived the negative balance funding obligation. You can still lose your deposit when trading at Ayondo but that’s it. This means that with Ayondo you cannot lose more than your deposit which is good for peace of mind for those that think spread betting is just too risky. Having said that do keep in mind that trading is not for everyone, and you should make sure you fully understand the risks involved before starting to trade. Copying other traders is not a foolproof strategy – if they can’t make money for instance or you decide to interfere with their trades, you might not make money or end up losing it – simples!

2 responses to Opened an Ayondo Account with GBP50,000 Real Money!

  1. Kam Sial said on June 24, 2016 Reply

    Hello Andy,

    I was approached by Analyst Online UK – several months ago. Initially I was very sceptical so was offered a demo account. I followed Halo84, Ftseprotrader and HMSteffanRiise. Some trades lost but most seem to be winning trades. HMSteffanriise showed to be making good profits but his transaction history shows that he has lost Β£25k in June so far.
    I have been advised by AnalystOnline to follow just two traders jeyakodyk7 and halo84. I have just funded my account but haven’t gone live yet for obvious reasons.
    It would be interesting to know how you get one, as we will be following the same traders our performance sould be the same.
    Good Luck!

    • Analyst Online UK said on July 28, 2016 Reply


      Just a reminder that we DO NOT ADVISE to follow any particular traders. We simply provide a Model Watch list of our view of the top traders to follow at any point of time which does of course change periodically. We do occasionally run offers which give a more focused guidance on traders to follow but just to be clear we monitor traders performance and trading style but do not give investment advice.

      Kind Regards,

      Analyst Online UK

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