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Don’t be taxed

March 23, 2004guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet The FTSE has finally succumbed. It has slumped through its trend change point (4373), turning its swing chart down. A move down to a minimum of 4275 is now indicated. All the main indices have now fallen into line. However any sell-off in the US below 10000 in the Dow will put it into […]

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Budget bookies pipped at the lip.(City)

March 20, 2004guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet THE bookies were enjoying a sparkling Cheltenham until Best Mate won the Gold on Thursday, so it was left to Gordon to take some money from them. The Chancellor may have said that he will review the tax treatment of betting exchanges, but he gave the bookies a bigger beating by failing to take […]

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Money: It takes a cool hand to play at spread betting; If you can afford to lose, you might just win at this high-risk trading game, says Simon Hildrey.(Business)

March 14, 2004guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Although investing in the stock market might feel like a gamble at times, fund managers argue it is far more scientific than that. But when it comes to spread betting, few in the industry would disagree that clients are doing little more than taking a punt. Although many people avoid spread betting for that […]

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Spread betting service

March 12, 2004guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Online spread-betting service (Easy2spreadbet appears like a sister site to Finspreads) has launched a Traders Club offering investors a wide range of resources, tools, free seminars and workshops, as well as support from professional investors. Membership is free to anyone who opens an Easy2spreadbet account and trades at least once a month.

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