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Judgment Day: should you buy shares in IG Group

April 25, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet The Group has three main operating companies in Britain. IG Index is a financial spread-betting firm. It offers prices on a range of indexes, currencies, commodities and individual shares. It also runs a sports spread-betting service. IG Markets acts as a market-maker in financial derivatives such as contracts for difference. offers fast online […]

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Less of a gamble if you know your onions

April 24, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Losing £10,000 in two weeks on spread betting trades when you are not super rich would usually be a wake-up call for most people that their behaviour had got to a worrying point. But for Brian Jenkins, 35, it was a signal not to cut his losses, but to log back on to the […]

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Punters bet on Support holding above 10,000 on DOW

April 20, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Spread betting traders have been attempting so far this week to pick the bottom of the downward move in stock markets. Many punters were stopped out on their longs on individual stocks by the sharp falls in the Dow, FTSE and Nikkei between Thursday and Monday, although bookmakers said that others managed to make […]

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Le Roux to trouser £8m from IG float

April 17, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Nat Le Roux, the chief executive of IG Group, could pocket more than £8m when the spread-betting firm floats for more than £400m on the stock market later this month. According to the company’s prospectus, Le Roux is expected to sell more than 5m shares from his current stake of 20.16m, or 9.3 per […]

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Odds are against a winning return for the refloated IG

April 16, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet The odds that investors will make money out of the upcoming reflotation of shares in IG Group, are unattractively long. Shares in the company certainly seem destined to trade at the lower end of the 112p to 139p mooted range when they come to market later this month. They might bust through the floor. […]

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Betting group IG sets out expectations for stock market comeback

April 14, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet IG, which was taken private in September 2003 in a £143m deal backed by private equity house CVC, said it had begun an institutional roadshow for a float indicatively priced at 112p to 139p a share. Conditional dealings are due to start on April 28. It added that it had appointed two new non-executive […]

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Traders move long of FTSE on hope of April rally

April 6, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Spread betting punters are net long of the FTSE100 index – undeterred by the Prime Minister’s announcement of the start of the General Election campaign. Bookmakers said clients have been opening fresh longs in both the FTSE and the Dow, on the view that April would again prove a positive month for stock indices, […]

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Finspreads upgrades platform

April 1, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Spread betting firm Finspreads has upgraded its spread betting platform. Spread betting clients can now leave opening orders online AND attach other orders such as stop losses. This upgrades the previous software where it was only possible to add closing orders to open positions. This is a major move on their part and gives […]

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Punters predict Labour’s lead will be slashed

April 1, 2005guidfarr No Comments »

Tweet Punters using Betfair and IG Index are betting that Labour’s election majority will be slashed to about 60 seats, a much smaller margin of victory than most polls suggest. With Tony Blair set to announce a May election early next week, bookmakers, spread-betting companies and betting exchanges are preparing for a flurry of election-related […]

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