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FTSE Wipeout Provides Golden Opportunity for Spread Bettors

June 30, 2010Peter No Comments »

Paddy Power says financial spread bettors are eager to engage with the £40bn sell off as the FTSE 100 Index plunged more than 3% on June 29th as renewed doubts over the global recovery set off a share sell off around the globe…

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GFT Introduces £100 Spread Bet Account Bonus

June 23, 2010Andy No Comments »

Spread betting provider GFT UK anticipated Tuesday’s announcement of the capital gains tax increase by announcing a £100 account-opening bonus for all new spread betting clients…

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Traders flock to Financial Spread Betting as UK Government Hikes CGT

June 23, 2010Janice No Comments »

The rise in Capital Gains Tax from 18% to 28% by the Liberal Conservative government in the UK has created a surge in the amount of people moving into financial spread betting.

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Former Hedge Fund Trader found Guilty in Spread Betting Scam

June 22, 2010Peter No Comments »

A former hedge fund trader from South London who made use of inside information to assist him in making than £500,000 from a friend’s financial spread betting scam has been found guilty but will not serve time.

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Ladbrokes unveils Spread Betting Offering

June 14, 2010Janice No Comments »

Ladbrokes has finally launched its long anticipated financial spread betting offering, in collaboration with WorldSpreads.

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Poker Player Must Pay Rabbi Who Placed Spread Bets for Him On the Stock Market

June 11, 2010Peter No Comments »

Andrew Feldman, the young professional poker pro from Bushey who took Simon Nissim (a rabbi) to court was ordered to pay more than £150,000 by the High Court today after failing to repay debts to his rabbi and former friend.

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Loyalty pays with InterTrader: TradeBack™

June 11, 2010Andy No Comments »

InterTrader have launched the first loyalty programme rewarding clients for their continued patronage.

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The Financial Spreads Guide to Trading the Stock Market During the 2010 World Cup

June 9, 2010Peter No Comments »

If you are looking to trade the markets around the World Cup then there are a variety of sectors that look promising. Naturally the pub chains, the bookmakers and retailers who sell England merchandise…

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IG Group Profit Up 25% On Spring Volatility Spike

June 9, 2010Andy No Comments »

Spread betting provider IG Group this morning reported that fiscal year profit will be 25% higher on the year following a spike in volatility in the forex and equity markets during the spring.

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Capital Spreads reduces Wall Street spread to 2 points

June 2, 2010Peter No Comments »

Capital Spreads have announced that they have cut their Wall Street Rolling Daily spread to just 2 points.

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FXCM is starting to integrate ODL Markets’ clients

June 1, 2010Andy No Comments »

FXCM is gradually moving ODL Markets’ clients to its own platforms following the much hyped acquisition.

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