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Capital Spreads: News Feeds and Limited Risk Accounts

August 26, 2011Peter No Comments »

Capital Spreads has introduced new features including the ‘Limited Risk’ account option for those clients who might feel more comfortable trading with a safety net and RSS news feeds..

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Spreadex’s Research Findings: Financial versus Sports Spread Bettors

August 23, 2011Andy No Comments »

According to research findings by Spreadex which offers both financial and sports spread betting, financial spread bettors tend to be slightly older and more wealthy than their sports counter-parts and are more likely to reside in the south east

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CMC Markets: A Trading Education Initiative

August 23, 2011Peter No Comments »

CMC Markets has launched a new financial education initiative geared towards educating and creating awareness among the spread betting community.

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IG benefits from Volatile Markets‎

August 22, 2011Andy No Comments »

IG Group issued a trading note today stating that it has benefited from heavy trading business in the past few weeks as stock markets, shares and commodities have swung wildly.

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London Capital Group lifts First-Half Profits

August 18, 2011Andy No Comments »

London Capital Group, which the flagship spread betting company Capital Spreads has released its first-half results for the year today posting first-half profit before tax of £2.69

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Former EU Commissioner joins WorldSpreads

August 16, 2011Janice No Comments »

Charlie McCreevy, the former EU Commissioner and the man whom many gambling monopolies in the European Union feared has become a non-executive director of WorldSpreads Group

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Spreadex’s iPhone Application Launch and Charting Upgrades

August 11, 2011Andy No Comments »

Financial spread betting specialist Spreadex has expanded its product range with the launch of a financial spread betting iPhone app.

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Charity and WorldSpreads: Working Together to Launch BATrustmarkets

August 5, 2011Peter No Comments »

WorldSpreads has linked itself with UK stock market guru Alpesh Patel in an effort to support The British Asian Trust.

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