Royal Mail Shares

October 23, 2013Janice No Comments »

It seems it is so long since previous privatizations such as British Airways and British Gas that the government has forgotten just how popular these prove to be with the investing public

ETX Capital Introduces Variable Forex Spreads

October 18, 2013Andy No Comments »

In the interests of expanding competition, ETX Capital has just announced variable spreads on six major currency pairs.

Changes at City Index

October 18, 2013Janice No Comments »

Despite its best efforts to establish a more tenable position in the UK trading markets City Index is still struggling and the organisation is in a state of flux. The latest news is that the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Simon Bird, is due to leave shortly. Simon Bird was previously based at Bear Stearns from […]

IG Revamps Its Fast-Paced Betting

October 12, 2013Andy No Comments »

In a move designed to stimulate greater interest in the fast-paced side of the spread betting market, IG has decided to remove its custom bets, and replace them with Sprint Markets

IG Group Q1 revenue rises 15 per cent

September 19, 2013Peter No Comments »

IG generated strong year-on-year revenue growth in the United Kingdom, Europe and rest of world, offsetting declines in Australia and Japan.

London Capital Group Positioned for the Future

September 18, 2013Peter No Comments »

If you have been keeping up with the news, you will know that the London Capital Group (LCG) has been going through some rough times recently. This is partly because spread betting is becoming more established, and with this maturity is a decline in the exceptional growth which the industry…

ETX Capital Expands in Italy and Bulgaria

August 25, 2013Janice No Comments »

UK based ETX Capital is a comparatively late entry into the international CFD and financial spread betting markets, and is making its mark, focusing on trans-European expansion. It started expanding into Europe with CFDs in late 2010, and also hit the African continent in early 2011, providing service to South Africa. Because of its success, […]

Disappointing Performance by London Capital Group

August 23, 2013Peter No Comments »

While some spread betting providers are capturing growing markets in this expanding business, others are still having a rough time. London Capital Group Holdings has seen profits plummet over 60% to £300,000 in the first half of this year.

IG Platform Improvements

August 20, 2013Andy No Comments »

Following on our recent report that the IG Group profits were only slightly up, IG has plainly decided to become more aggressive in maintaining its position in the financial markets.

Spreadex sees rising Earnings and Revenues

August 19, 2013Janice No Comments »

Spreadex has posted its results for the interim year, posting another year of growth in both turnover and group profit for the year ending 31 May 2013.

IG Group Results

July 31, 2013Andy No Comments »

IG Group has declared its results for the financial year ending in May, and the response has been mixed. On the one hand, profits were up slightly by 3% to £141.7m, but on the other the revenues were down.

Betonmarkets: Beta Launch of New Binary website

July 31, 2013Peter No Comments »

July has been an important month for long-established BetOnMarkets, with two major pieces of news. The pioneer in fixed odds financial betting products has announced the addition of a number of individual stocks from the UK, US, Germany, and India to its list of markets on which you can bet on.

Spreadex cuts Forex Spreads

March 29, 2013Andy No Comments »

Spreadex have announced a number of cuts to some of their forex markets.

Spreadex acquires Cantor’s financial spread betting clients

March 18, 2013Peter No Comments »

In a somewhat surprising development, Cantor Index has announced that it is ceasing its non-single equity financial spread betting offering as of Friday, 15th March, 2013.

IG Group third quarter revenues advance 18%

March 13, 2013Peter No Comments »

IG Group reported in its Interim Management Statement that the Group’s revenues have risen from £75.1m to £88.6m for the third quarter, 18% ahead of the prior year.