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FSA Accuses Seven Individuals of Insider Trading

March 7, 2012Janice 1 Comment »

On Monday several individuals were accused in London’s Southwark Crown court of having been participant in a one million pound fraud scheme while having access to private bank documents in one of the largest insider dealing cases ever brought forward by the FSA.

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Spread Betting Providers May Face Tighter Regulation in Future

October 13, 2011Peter No Comments »

According to senior industry analysts, spread betting providers may end up being faced with more onerous capital requirements as the industry’s rapid expansion brings it under increasing spotlight.

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FSA fines trader for manipulating Spread Bets

June 15, 2011Peter No Comments »

A SCOT has been fined £1 million by the UK’s FSA for stock-market abuse. A former private client stockbroker, Mr Alexander discovered he could influence the price of spread bets in his favour by placing small equities orders in the same FTSE 250 stocks.

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Spread Betting Providers Offered up for Sale?

May 12, 2011Peter No Comments »

Investor protections such as account segregation might not seem like a sexy topic, however for some spread betting providers the onerous terms that the FSA has imposed on them means that there may be trouble lurking beneath the surface.

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FCA tells Spread Betting Providers to Tighten Their Belts

September 6, 2010Peter 1 Comment »

Some of the spread betting providers based in the United Kingdom may have to raise extra funds or have to reject new business as new FCA rules on segregation of client funds take effect.

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Lehman Brothers Ruling Stumbles FSA Probes Into Client Accounts

January 22, 2010Janice No Comments »

It appears that investigations by the UK FSA regulator into how spread betting providers segregate client monies have stumbled onto a wall in the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s bankruptcy…

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FSA to fine former Evolution Stock Guru

January 12, 2010Andy 1 Comment »

A former analyst at Evolution Securities committed market abuse when he passed insider information to a friend who used it to make £85,500 on spread bets…

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FSA Warning on sale of ‘Penny Shares’ Stocks

September 17, 2009Peter 1 Comment »

The FSA has taken measures against 11 companies who it claims have used pressure sales techniques to sell penny shares to older people.

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Global Trader Europe ‘fiasco’ finally at end

July 27, 2009guidfarr 1 Comment »

Up to 400 former customers of failed derivatives broker Global Trade Europe (GTE) are set for compensation payouts.

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Blue Index punished in FSA probe

June 1, 2009Andy 2 Comments »

So BlueIndex is now in a probe for insider dealing. The Financial Services Authority stripped Blue Index of its right to do regulated business…

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FSA to end financial shorting ban on Jan 16

January 9, 2009guidfarr No Comments »

Britain’s Financial Services Authority said on Monday that its ban on short-selling financial stocks would expire on Jan 16…

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FSA demands short selling disclosure for stocks doing rights issues

June 18, 2008guidfarr No Comments »

The FSA is going to make investors disclose short positions in stocks undertaking a rights issue if they amount to an interest above 0.25%.

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U.K. Regulator Pays Paul Davidson 725,000 Pounds in Legal Costs

January 23, 2007guidfarr No Comments »

The U.K.’s Financial Services Authority paid 725,000 pounds ($1.4 million) to Paul Davidson, the first time the market regulator has been forced to pay legal costs after losing a case.

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