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IG Index and IG Markets move to single global identity

September 24, 2012Andy No Comments »

IG Group has announced that it has brought together its spread betting and CFD trading operations, IG Index and IG Markets, under the single global identity of IG.

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IG’s Q3 revenues rose 1.5%

March 14, 2012Peter No Comments »

IG Group Holdings plc released an Interim Management Statement where it stated that revenue for its financial third quarter ended March 12th amounted to about £75m, an increase of 1.5% from the £74m in the corresponding period last year.

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IG Index Launches Marketing Campaign

February 7, 2012Janice No Comments »

IG Index has launched a new major advertising marketing campaign designed by the company’s in-house team to promote the financial spread betting company.

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IG Index expands Mobile Offering with new iPad App

October 25, 2011Peter No Comments »

Having experienced a 300% rise in mobile spread trading over the past year, IG Index has launched its latest addition to its suite of mobile dealing applications with a new app for the Apple iPad.

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Interest Rate Spread Cuts at IG Index

October 17, 2011Andy No Comments »

IG Index has announced a series of spread cuts on a number of its interest rates and bonds markets.

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Record Month for Client Transactions at IG Index

September 6, 2011Peter No Comments »

IG Index has followed Spreadex in announcing that it has experienced its busiest ever month in terms of client transactions. Persistent global market turbulence has led to unprecedented levels of volatility

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IG benefits from Volatile Markets‎

August 22, 2011Andy No Comments »

IG Group issued a trading note today stating that it has benefited from heavy trading business in the past few weeks as stock markets, shares and commodities have swung wildly.

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IG Index now quoting Italian Government Bond Prices

July 19, 2011Janice No Comments »

IG Index is now offering clients the ability to take a position on sovereign debt issued by the Republic of Italy

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IG Index launches Android Spread Betting Application

June 17, 2011Janice No Comments »

IG Index have launched a new Android trading application which brings IG Index’s web browser platform to Android powered smartphones.

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IG Group Will Close ExtraBet Sports-Betting Unit to Focus on Finance

June 9, 2011Janice No Comments »

With the company expecting to record a 7% increase in trading revenues to £320m for the year ended May 31st 2011, IG Group Holdings plc said Thursday that it has been unable to secure the sale of its underperforming Extrabet business and will therefore wind down the online sports betting business.

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IG Index Slashes Minimum Forex Spreads for Major Pairs

June 8, 2011Peter No Comments »

IG Index have announced that their minimum spreads on GBP/USD and EUR/GBP now start from just 1 pip, enabling clients to enjoy even better value from the UK’s biggest spread betting provider.

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IG Index ‘Event Mapping’ Marketing Campaign

March 23, 2011Janice No Comments »

IG Index has launched a new print adverts campaign dubbed as ‘Event Mapping through media agency DDB UK

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IG Index to Launch Daily Funded Bets

March 10, 2011Peter No Comments »

IG Index has announced that it will be launching Daily Funded Bets as a substitute to the Daily Cash Bets it currently offers. The new rolling system is a much easier way of doing things and you can realise your profits or losses when you close the bet yourself rather than realising profits/losses on a daily basis.

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IG Index Now Quoting U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls Market

March 1, 2011Peter No Comments »

IG Index is now offering spread traders the ability to trade directly on the USA non-farm payroll numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics each month.

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IG Index Reduces Deposit Requirements for major FX Pairs

February 15, 2011Janice No Comments »

IG Index announced that it has significantly reduced the initial outlay needed to spread bet on their ten major FX pairs.

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