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Spreadex cuts Margin Rates

January 29, 2010Andy No Comments »

Spreadex have announced that they will be cutting their margin rates starting next Monday on major indices and commodity markets.

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City Index: Margin Close Out Level Reduced to 80%

November 16, 2009Peter No Comments »

As of 22nd November 2009, CityIndex will be reducing clients’ Margin Close Out Level from 100% to 80%.

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IG Index Lowers Deposits on 900 Blue-Chip Shares

September 19, 2009Andy No Comments »

From 21 September, IG Index has announced that they will be cutting their deposits on a range of FTSE 100 and major global shares, with many starting at just 5%.

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CMC Increasing Margin Requirements

September 18, 2009Andy No Comments »

CMC Markets is reviewing (mostly upping) margin requirement levels for many of their share instruments…

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Bookies raising Margins

October 19, 2008guidfarr No Comments »

Cantor Index have raised margins by 10% with immediate effect. IG Index have upped theirs too.

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CMC not increasing margins!

March 29, 2008guidfarr No Comments »

CMC Spreadbet deserve full credit for not increasing their margins when others all around them seized the opportunity to squeeze more paper…

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City Index – Changes to Equity Margin Rates

March 19, 2008guidfarr No Comments »

CityIndex have also increased their margins due to ‘exceptional market volatility’…

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Cantor Fitzgerald Increasing Margin Requirements to 20%

August 8, 2007guidfarr No Comments »

antor Fitzgerald said yesterday it was effectively doubling the amount of money that must be held on deposit when trading FTSE 100 stocks via spread betting or contracts for difference.

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