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WorldSpreads upgrades Trading Platform

October 24, 2011Andy No Comments »

Financial spread betting provider WorldSpreads has announced a number of important enhancements to its XEQT advanced trading platform.

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Market Volatility leads WorldSpreads to H1 Growth

September 30, 2011Janice No Comments »

Financial spread betting company WorldSpreads says August was the busiest trading month in its history.

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WorldSpreads Celebrates A Year of Zero Point Spread Trading

September 26, 2011Andy No Comments »

WorldSpreads is celebrating a year since the UK based financial spread betting slashed its trading costs to zero for Platinum clients who deposit a minimum of £5,000 in their spread trading accounts.

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Star Sports in partnership with WorldSpreads

September 22, 2011Janice No Comments »

Star Sports, a private UK bookie targeted at the high end of the sports betting market has launched a new financial spread betting service in collaboration with the WorldSpreads Group.

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Former EU Commissioner joins WorldSpreads

August 16, 2011Janice No Comments »

Charlie McCreevy, the former EU Commissioner and the man whom many gambling monopolies in the European Union feared has become a non-executive director of WorldSpreads Group

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Charity and WorldSpreads: Working Together to Launch BATrustmarkets

August 5, 2011Peter No Comments »

WorldSpreads has linked itself with UK stock market guru Alpesh Patel in an effort to support The British Asian Trust.

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Higher Marketing and Investment Costs lead WorldSpreads into the Red ‎

July 1, 2011Andy No Comments »

WorldsSpreads Group plc has today announced its full year results for the twelve months ended 31 March 2011. Marketing and investment expenses have taken their toil.

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Spread Betting Sectors with WorldSpreads

June 23, 2011Peter No Comments »

WorldSpreads has announced the introduction of a range of sectors based on stocks in the FTSE 350 Index on which clients can take a position on.

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Cantor and Victor Chandler in Fixed Odds Deal

June 10, 2011Janice No Comments »

Gibraltar-based bookie Victor Chandler International has expanded its financial spread betting operations through a new deal with Cantor Gaming & Wagering, a division of Cantor Fitzgerald Group.

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WorldsSpreads Announces Improvements to its Trading Platform

June 2, 2011Janice No Comments »

WorldSpreads has announced some important upcoming updates to its trading platform.

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Active Spread Betting Traders Save GBP6,600 in 6 Months With WorldSpreads

April 27, 2011Andy No Comments »

WorldSpreads released a press release today claiming that spread traders using its platform to trade, and who hold a minimum of £5,000 in their accounts, have individually saved an average of £6,600 in trading costs…

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WorldSpreads Winter Party and Euro Betting

February 18, 2011Peter No Comments »

WorldSpreads is rumoured to have organised a Tuesday night winter party complemented with whisky tasting, jazz music and the possibility to win a sports car.

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Worldspreads Warns on Revenue Slowdown

January 30, 2011Andy No Comments »

The CEO of spread betting group WorldSpreads has warned investors that revenues from its divisions in continental European markets haven’t risen as quickly as initially anticipated and that it may take some months before the performance improves.

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WorldSpreads to offer bets on Continued Existence of the Euro!

December 14, 2010Peter No Comments »

It has reported that WorldSpreads is preparing to launch a market where spread bettors have the chance to be on the future of the euro itself

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Expansion and Marketing plans hit Worldspreads’ bottom line

November 30, 2010Janice No Comments »

WorldSpreads, the 10-year-old spread betting company has released its interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2010.

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