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ETX Capital (used to be known as TradIndex) is operated by Monecor (London) Ltd and has been operating since 2002. Originally, ETX was a division of Tradition, the bonds broker, but it was bought out in 2007 by Tradition’s then UK boss Robin Houldsworth and rag trade and pub entrepreneur Peter Shalson, famed for having had Sir Elton John sing at his wedding.

ETX’s product range tends to focus only on the most liquid and heavily traded financial markets. Although TradIndex is a relatively new company, its employees have considerable industry experience with quite a number being involved in the financial industry for over 20 years.

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  • DS Says:
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    Simple, fast, clean. Spreads are a bit high but I still gave it a 5 star because it is so easy to use and the prices look in sync with the online charts I use – although ETX Capital charts are fast & clean enough except on some of the charts you cannot zoom in & out – weird.

    Staff do not hassle you either.

    New to the game I hear but ETX Capital could be market leaders one day (IF they stay the way they are and don’t resort to pillaging your pockets through underhand means like other brokers do)

    I would recommend them. (Probably the only broker I would actually recommend really – you have to try other brokers for yourself to see how you personally get on with them)

  • kathy Says:
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    At the time of depositing they were giving away a £100 top up – no deposit required. I have to say a very smooth, usable platform with nice charts, maybe not the tightest spreads but a good offering overall.

  • Charlie Says:
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    Good bit: it works from a browser window without installing any extras. I can trade at work or even at a library though it’s not always easy to monitor the prices there. Minimum bet size is £1.

    Bad bit: there’s a limited number of companies that are tradeable on ETX Capital but if you’re happy with concentrating on the biggies like the FTSE and DOW (oh how I’d love to be able to trade the Nikkei!) then it is more than sufficient. Their stops also aren’t sufficiently tight or guaranteed.

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