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InterTrader is the spread betting arm of PartyGaming, who created PartyPoker. They use the Star Financials system for the trading platform and strive to enhance the user experience through education and a number of other features.

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  • Simon Says:
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    I’ve been using InterTrader for the last couple of years and in general I’m happy with them. They offer good execution and are fair in their dealings with clients.

  • Mario Says:
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    I have used Intertrader for 18 months and I have to say they are slowly going down.
    The platform is just about ok with a few unacceptable flaws:
    – the confirmation emails cannot be customized by the customer so I have to delete hundreds of creation emails, amendments emails etc… chen only the execs interest me
    – sometimes a number of execution emails get lost, leaving you with the dire task of extracting your trades from the ‘order history’ tab
    – of course the ‘order history’ tab does not work, showing a random selection of your trades so you have to email support services who do that very well

    The mobile platform crashes all the time and is worse on my Samsung S5 than on the S2! Any request for a graph crashes it, the left menu is gone etc…

    The spreads have suddenly increased a couple of months ago for no reason making Intertrader no more competitive than its peers.

    There is complete ignorance about liquidity in commodities. I once noted they listed a completely illiquid spread on let’s say coffee september, when every professional trader would switch to the next maturity. I told them and they answered they would switch to december when september would be over. No need to say their spread on september was terrible!

    The other way around they sometimes skip a perfectly liquid maturity to go to the next which won’t be liquid for another 3 months…

    I shouted at support services about their stupid stop levels on the Nasdaq markets, which was 16 points (0.4%) and they kept on saying it was consistent with the market whereas their stops on the Dow Jones was 1.6%!! Fair enough now that they have widened the spread and redesigned the contract the stop level has jumped to 35 points (0.9%)…

    I have already been stopped out as another account working an order at a level where it should be executed if this stop is triggered was actually not… leaving me with losses on one side and no profit on the other. That is extremely worrying.

  • steve hurley Says:

    I am happy with speed of execution. I can enter and exit a market within 2-3 seconds. This would make the perfect platform for scalping pointing that spreads stay fixed all (most) of the time. If you go to open 10 trades on FTSE100 per day, chances are 10 will be filled at 1 point spread. However scalping is not allowed and eventually might cause your trading account to be put through manual trading confirmation by a dealer. The more you trade, the more money you score on their trading back loyalty.

    Apart from the scalping-not-suitable situation, the platform would make a great trading tool for people who are not extremely short term traders-unlike me:(

    a few of my friends have been happy with this platform for a long time now and have brought me on board while making use of refer a friend bonus awarded.

  • despe906.blogspot.com Says:
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    Hello traders. I’ve been with Intertrader since February and I am here to say it’s the best broker I’ve ever had. The platform look rudimentary at first glance but with time I found it ok. There is no slippage at all, I dont know what the previous reviewer is talking about. In the fraction of second between I decide to click and I click, sometimes I notice the pip change, so I am sure the deal price will be 1 pip higher or lower. Sometimes the deal window will say ‘the deal price inadequate’ and this halt provided me with gains only as I scalp in the direction of price move. Charts are feeded from it-finance.com so bear in mind that there is contstant jig-saw 1-3 pip difference, but if you trade small frame charts (or not) you must look at the the deal window, which is the main source of price data. Great fixed 1 pip spread on : Eur/Usd, Usd/Jpy, Eur/Gbp, Aud/Usd, Dax, Ftse. Bonds, shares and even sugar – all spreads thighter than with IG Index.

    The platform – web based – is fast and intuitive. Ideal for scalping, as the forex spreads are better than ATC Brokers – arguably the best broker in USA. I managed to place bets up to 200 quid stake points so I received 100GBP bonus in my first month. Everybody can try their demo – bear in mind though that demo charts are lower quality (my opinion, display is different) that in real account. No tricks, honesty, clarity, fast execution and ultra low spreads, Intertrader account is a must, at least as a back up platform. The only cons for me if number of instruments, I hope they will expand in time.

  • Kevin Says:

    I have just opened a demo with Intertrader in order to review their platform prior to depositing a reasonably large amount with them.

    Well – I’ve never before seen slippage to the degree I’ve just experienced – three trades slipped by +3, +1, +4. The market is not especially fast and I find this incredible – oh well, carry on with IG who have slipped me (I would guess) less than a dozen times in 7 years.

  • jack Says:
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    I have gone ahead and created a PartyMarkets account to investigate their offer – my only other account being with Capital Spreads.

    At first glance, the fact that their spreads are twice as wide on both rolling daily and quarterly FTSE makes the ability to stake £3.56pp rather moot. However, PartyMarkets do seem to be competitive on USA (rolling daily) indices, less so on the quarterlies.

    Guess it all depends on what you want to trade really. I prefer quarterlies as they have a “real” underlying…

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