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Spread Co, which is based in London, was formed in 2006 and is headed by Ajay Pabari, a former Finance Director at CMC Markets Plc and a pioneer in the online retail trading arena. Spread Co has developed in-house web-based and downloadable trading platforms, known as ‘Saturn Trader’. These allow clients the flexibility to trade wherever over the web, or to use the more complete downloadable version with its fully customisable screens. New clients can also apply for a demo account with 25,000 virtual dollars to get started. This London based, Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulated company has been expanding its business overseas through partnerships in countries such as Canada, India, Pakistan, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

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  • John Says:

    I’ve been using Spreadco for a number odf years and I like their platform – their online platform is very easy to use and I’ve rarely experienced execution problems. But then I’m not a scalper or day trader.

  • Anonymous Says:
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    Worst broker ever – hands down. Utilising tactics like locking you out of their system, dealer referrals on every trade (yes EVERY trade) even trades for £1! Re-quotes way ahead or behind the actual underlying market depending on whether you’re long or short. Huge slippage (has cost me £500,000 in less than six months on slippage alone). Skewing spreads, for example moving their pricing several points ahead or behind the actual underlying market depending on the market direction. So if the market is trading down their pricing at times has been 10-12 points below actual live market pricing. When the market turns to head back up they will adjust their pricing to perhaps 5 points ahead of the market clearing 15 points off your trade if you were short. Once you add in excessive slippage and re-quotes that’s another 10 points they’ve taken off you. Massive cheats stay away. You shouldn’t however face any of these troubles if you are a consistent losing trader.

  • Tony Loton Says:

    The Spread Co platform seems to have improved a lot with a new release in the past month, but I still find it virtually impossible to manage my stop orders on their platform. It was always difficult if not impossible to figure out how to attach a stop order to a specific trade; and now that you can do it, it seems impossible to adjust (i.e. manually trail) a guaranteed stop order once it is attached to a trade.

  • Richard Says:
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    I like the way you can customise the trading screen, also competitive financing requirements at 2%. Guaranteed stops are also optionally available.

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