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Spreadex was established in 1999 joining the 3 other main incumbents at the time. In May 2006, Spreadex launched an online sports spread betting service and subsequently in 2007 they integrated an online financial trading platform so clients could deal online instead of just by telephone. Far from being an unapproachable, faceless bookie -they are quite friendly and fairly quick to deal with any problems.


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  • Nicholas Says:
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    spreadex don’t offer 1 pt spread on ftse, obviously makes a big difference when i’m in scalping mood, in fact spreadex phoned me just now offering me £100 cover which was quite funny when i said to the guy i quite often go £100pp so your offering me 1pt cover,he laughed and said it was his job to phone round, mind you a fair offer for newbies, in my experience there’s not 1 fantastic spread betting company out there they all have plus and minus pts, most of my big hits are placed with ig so far no problem !

  • don Says:
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    They make a market in virtually any company with a market cap of £7m+. Good spreads although not the best, and excellent customer service.

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