Comparing the Different Spread Betting Companies


Ayondo offers very competitive financing fees at just LIBOR +/- 2.5% and this is only charged on the margined portion of the position. Dividends are passed at 100% of the announced dividend net of withholding tax, if any. But what really sets Ayondo apart is that they also offer 'social trading' with the ability to follow other Ayondo clients!

Why Ayondo? Because I think they are FAIR. I like Ayondo for a number of reasons not least being that they only charge overnight financing fees (at 2.5%) on the amount you actually borrow from the broker and not on your full position. So if you open a position for £4,000 and put up £1,000 to open the trade and leave the position overnight, Ayondo will only charge you interest on the 'net' £3000 you borrowed from the broker and not the full £4,000 [this is unlike what mostly happens with other brokers who charge you on the full position amount]. I also like the fact that Ayondo pay 100% dividends (not 80% or 90% unlike other providers) and the way they allow you to control how much you leverage yourself [with Ayondo, you could even trade with no leverage if you want]. Lastly, I like the fact that they support fractional bet sizes and the fact they offer free guaranteed stops on most markets except shares. As you can see this industry is driven by greed with providers trying to charge you as much as they can and in this regard Ayondo are a breath of fresh air.

Markets Covered

Global Indices, US and European equities, FX, Major Commodities, Interest Rates and Bonds, ETFs

Training Facilities

Web based platform, Iphone and Adroid mobile aps, Ipad Aps

Typical Spreads

FTSE 100 Shares: 0.1%
FTSE 250 Shares: 0.25%
US Shares: 0.1%
FTSE 100: Daily Rolling 1 point, Future 3 points
Wall Street: Daily Rolling 2 points, Future 5 points
S&P Rolling Daily: 0.5
Gold: Spot 5 points (Future 6 points)

Financing Charges

Financing is charged at LIBOR +/-2.5% on the margined portion of the position. Ie, if margin is 1%, you are charged on the remaining 99%. It is possible to vary your margin up to 100%, meaning there are no Financing Charges applied.

Accounts Available and Credit Facilities

Spread betting, CFDs, Social Trading (Spread Betting & CFDs). No credit facility.

Minimum Stake and Deposit

No Minimum deposit, minimum stakes vary. UK Stocks £1/p, Indices start at £0.50/p, FX start at £0.40/p

Rolling Policy

Daily Rolling positions are rolled automatically. Any position carried past the relevant market close is classed as being rolled and financing applied accordingly. Future products are rolled to the next contract only if instructed by telephone up to 30 minutes before the last dealing time of the underlying product on the relevant exchange. Positions are rolled at half spread cost. Closed at relevant bid/offer and opened at mid-price.

Dividend Policy

Ayondo passes on 100% of the announced dividend net of withholding tax, if any. For long positions in UK companies, you will receive 100% of the announced dividend declared by the UK Company. For non UK companies, the dividend may be subject to withholding tax. Ayondo debits 100% of the announced dividend.


Index and Commodity futures available

Stop and Limit Orders Available


Basis for Triggering of Stops

If stop is hit, it's filled

Opening Hours

Client Services 07:30 - 17:00, Trading 24 hours Sunday 2200 - Friday 2215

Research and Charting

Reuters news feed, propriety chart package includes most indicators and tools.


Multilingual support (English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian) by email or telephone (we are told that online chat is coming soon).

Details and Signup Incentives

If you wish to sign-up for the core Tradehub platform use this link. If you wish to sign-up for the Social Platform use this link. 100% payment of dividends and the ability to control leverage with financing fees only charged on the 'borrowed' amount are both great features. Note that the spreads on the social trading site are slightly higher than on Tradehub but the real value here is the ability to follow other winning traders without any management fees normally associated with asset management. In anycase, you can have both a normal spread betting account and a Social one.

Signup Incentive: Switch your account now and get 500 GBP/EUR Cash Bonus added to your trading account. To qualify for this offer you need to have had a trading account with another cfd/spread betting broker and make a new deposit of at least £/€/CHF/USD 1000 within 2 weeks of opening an account with Ayondo (the offer period).

To register for this offer email with your full name and account number, stating that you would like to register for this offer. Please supply a statement or other document showing your account with the other provider. Upon verification, Ayondo will credit your account with a cash bonus of £/€/CHF/USD 500. Sign-up here to claim this offer.

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