Comparing the Different Spread Betting Companies

Highlights at InterTrader

InterTrader offers competitive spreads and margins and is offering loyal customers up to a 10% monthly rebate on spread fees.

Markets Covered

Trade on over 2,000 worldwide spreads including Indices, Shares, Forex, Commodities (including precious metals, energies and soft), Interest Rates and Bonds.

Training Facilities

InterTrader offers over 4 hours of pre-recorded trading lessons supplemented with quizzes which will test your knowledge after each lesson. The lessons cover technical and fundamental analysis as well as trading strategies.

Weekly live online seminars - Every week offers a different online seminars covering topics like : How to trade news, Introduction to technical analysis, using technical indicators.

Typical Spreads

FTSE 100 Shares: 0.05% either side
FTSE 250 Shares: 0.125% either side
Small Cap & AIM shares: 0.125% either side
US Shares: 0.125% either side
FTSE 100: 1 point
Wall Street: 1 points
EUR/USD: 1 points
GBP/USD: 2 points
Gold: 4 points

Dealing Commissions and Fees

A fee of 2% is applicable for credit card deposits. No fee for deposits by BACS or direct debit.

Financing Charges

InterTrader calculates financing based on the base rate of the underlying currency of the country of the market concerned (not LIBOR). The rate is (RFR + 2%) if Long and (RFR - 2 %) if short. Funding is charged on the whole position size.

Shares & Indices: The RFR is generally equivalent to the base rate of the underlying currency of the country of the market concerned. E.g. the RFR for a short rolling daily contract on Google may be based on the US Fed Funds Rate minus 2%.

Currencies: The RFR is calculated as the funding rate corresponding to the 2nd currency minus the funding rate corresponding to the 1st currency. E.g. the 1st currency of GBP/USD is sterling and the second is the US dollar. Therefore, if USD rates were 2% and GBP rates were 4.75% then the RFR for GBP/USD would be 2% - 4.75% or minus 2.75% (a negative differential).

Accounts Available and Credit Facilities

Deposit Accounts. No Credit.

Minimum Stake and Deposit

£1, $1 or €1 according to account denomination. Deposit starts from just £/$/€ 30.


Futures bets are available for forex, indices, stock and commodity contracts. Facility to rollover futures contracts is available. For equities, InterTrader will expire the existing bet spread free (at just the market price) and offer the subsequent quarter at half of the spread. For indices, commodities and Forex contracts, InterTrader will expire the bet at our mid-point and offer the subsequent quarter at the corresponding level. Note that rollover of futures contracts will imply that the existing bet will be closed, realising any profits or losses incurred and a new bet is subsequently opened.

Stop and Limit Orders Available

Stop Loss, Limit Orders, If Done, and OCO Available.

Basis for Triggering of Stops

Your stop loss will be executed when InterTrader's bid/ask price reaches your stop loss level..

Opening Hours

Open for trading from 07:00am until 21:15pm, Monday to Friday. Markets open after London Capital Group's normal hours of business (Mon-Fri 07:00-21:00) may be offered on a wider spread/smaller stakes than that available in the normal trading hours.

Research and Charting

Technical analysis and trading signals provided by Trading Central providing full coverage for 3,000 instruments. Fundamental analysis provided by Interactive data. Full charting package by IT-Finance (Advanced charts available on demand). Live economic calendar.


Good e-mail and telephone support.

Details and Signup Incentives

InterTrader currently offers a sign-up incentive of up to £5000 to be credited directly to the spread betting account. Credit will be 10% from the initial deposit and shall not exceed £5000. Credit cannot be withdrawn from the account until stake criteria has been met.

InterTrader offers the TradeBack loyalty programme. Loyal customers are eligible for up to 10% monthly rebate on spread fees. Rebate is paid directly to the customer's account on the first week of the following month. For example if completed 250 trades in a calendar month with an average stake of £20 per point on the GBP/USD pair his rebate will be calculated 20(Stake)X250(Trades)X2(spread)*10% =£1,000 to be paid to the customer's account.

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