02: The InterTrader Trading Platform

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The InterTrader Trading Platform. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/ccount/click.php?id=38 We interview Shay Heffetz Managing Director of InterTrader Tell us about your web trading platform – what stands about it? Tell us about your mobile platforms what you can do with them and how they are transforming trading. How has been the client response? Do you ever see a time when mobile trading will surpass online PC trading? In what currencies can accounts at InterTrader be denominated in?

What markets can clients trade and what is the minimum stake?
Where is the bulk of the action? Do you allow trading on FTSE 250 stocks / FTSE 350 stocks? Do you envisage expanding the shares coverage further in future? What is in your opinion a good practical amount of money needed to open a trading account?
Most spread betting clients seem to wade in with a 500 quid deposit or so. But does it make sense to trade with such a low capital base?

We offer accounts in USD, GBP, EUR and also Polish Zloty. Spread betting and CFDs are a speculative instrument which is geared so you have to be aware of the risks.