01: Tell us a little about Spread Co and its founders

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Tell us a little about Spread Co and its founders. Ajay Pabari CEO of Spread Co http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/spreadbetting/Spreadco-compare.html responds. I founded Spread Co in 2006. We are pre-dominantly a UK-focused company. Most of our clients are experienced individuals who are either trading CFDs or spread betting or equity trading and that's our target market. We feel we are one of the lowest cost-operators in the field and thus can provide a value proposition to our clients.

Who owns Spread Co and how long have you been in business? How big is Spread Co? How many people work at your company?
What makes up your client base? We are told that pre-2012 you kept a low profile and didn’t really concentrate your efforts on the UK market? Spread Co now has a London presence. But do you plan to go also to other European countries like for example to Germany? What types of client do you aim to attract? What type of client and what type of uses are your particular products most suitable for? Also, what kind of people are your customers - i.e. do they tend to have City experience? The UK online trading market is very competitive. How do you see Spread Co competing in the UK?