Spread Betting Bonuses and Offers

Sometimes we get people asking us which companies we like and while we cannot recommend any particular spread betting provider over another, we can highlight the ones we actually DO use, just in case you want to check them out for yourself. Not only that but we have also gone out of our way to negotiate with these companies that little bit extra bonus for your benefit.

But as always bet sensibly! Spread betting or any sort of leveraged trading for that matter can result in losses greater than your initial deposit.


We have produced over 550+ videos of premium educational videos; live interviews with spread betting executives and advanced technical analysis courses that are normally taught at institutional desks and banks. To access the course material simply open a NEW account with Ayondo OR ETX Capital OR Spread Co and send us a quick message stating your account user id and we will allow you free access to the material.

Be sure to check our exclusive offers available only through Financial-Spread-Betting.com highlighted in yellow below! Note: You MUST apply through this site to get our exclusive videos and be eligible for the offers listed. Don't worry if you already have an account with one of these companies; say IG Index. If you have an account with IG Index, open an account with ETX or Capital Spreads from our site. You should have multiple accounts with different providers anyway! This is our way of saying 'Thank you' for visiting and supporting our site.

Offer 1: Ayondo - Switch your account now and get 500 GBP/EUR Cash Bonus added to your trading account. Open the account using this link to be eligible.

Terms: To qualify for this offer you need to:
1) Have had a trading account with another cfd/spread betting broker.
2) Make a new deposit of at least £/€/CHF/USD 1000 within 2 weeks of opening an account with Ayondo (the offer period).

To register for this offer email support@ ayondo.com with your full name and account number, stating that you would like to register for this offer. Please supply a statement or other document showing your account with the other provider. Upon verification, Ayondo will credit your account with a cash bonus of £/€/CHF/USD 500.

The cash bonus can only be withdrawn from the account once the accumulated spread paid on all trades placed from the time the Cash Bonus is credited into your account exceeds 1˝ times the Cash Bonus amount. For Example – If you deposit £/€/CHF/USD 1000 and are subsequently awarded with a £/€/CHF/USD 500 bonus, you will only be able to withdraw this once you have placed trades resulting in spread paid of greater than £/€/CHF/USD 750. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Why Ayondo? Because I think they are FAIR. I like Ayondo for a number of reasons not least being that they only charge overnight financing fees (at 2.5%) on the amount you actually borrow from the broker and not on your full position. So if you open a position for £4,000 and put up £1,000 to open the trade and leave the position overnight, Ayondo will only charge you interest on the 'net' £3000 you borrowed from the broker and not the full £4,000 [this is what mostly happens with other brokers]. I also like the fact that Ayondo pay 100% dividends (not 80% or 90% unlike other providers) and the way they allow you to control how much you leverage yourself [with Ayondo, you could even trade with no leverage if you want]. I also like the fact that they support fractional bet sizes and the fact they offer free guaranteed stops on most markets except shares.

Ayondo also offer an alternative Social Trading platform where you can follow the trades of other top traders – traders just like you who are successful in their trading! What's more, you can become a top trader too if you’re good and profitable in your trading and then you can get other traders to follow you and earn a little extra in the process. Sounds exciting? That's because it is - those guys are revolutionising the trading industry :)

The new Ayondo trading platform is designed to help you trade sharper, faster, better! Of course, bear in mind that spread betting is a leveraged product, and can result in losses that could exceed your initial outlay. The people at Ayondo realized that some people might not wish this added risk exposure so they’ve setup a special guarantee where they’ve waived the negative balance funding obligation. In addition to this, Ayondo also offer a free insurance policy which protects client deposits in personal accounts for up to £500,000 and thereby goes far beyond the existing Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) guaranteed capital threshold.

Offer 2: Apply for an ETX Capital account today and receive an exclusive £/€/$ 20* no-deposit bonus when you sign up.

Terms: The bonus money will remain in your account and may not be withdrawn until the release criteria are met. The release criteria are as follows: (i) you must close ten (10) trades in respect of commodities, foreign exchange and/or indices within sixty (60) calendar days of the bonus being applied to your account, and (ii) the bonus amount must remain in your account for a period of sixty (60) calendar days. If a bonus is applied to your account and you subsequently withdraw funds (including profits) before satisfying the release criteria, the bonus will be deducted. If your account balance reaches zero, the offer release criteria will terminate and normal trading protocol will apply. Please note that spread betting and trading CFDs is a high risk activity and it is possible to lose more than your initial investment.

Offer 3: ETX have another offer for clients who decide to deposit - this offer is exclusive to our visitors and is over and above the £/€/$ 20* no-deposit bonus freebie. Apply for an ETX Capital account today, deposit and receive an extra bonus up to £3,300!* Make a deposit between £500 and £999 and you will get a 20% matched deposit. Make a deposit between £1,000 and £2,999 and you will get a 25% matched deposit. Make a deposit between £3,000 and £7,499 and you will get a 30% matched deposit. Make a bigger deposit up to £10,000 and you will get a 33% match bonus so if you deposit £10,000, you stand to get £3,300 as a match bonus.

Terms: You have to meet the release criteria to be able to be able to withdraw the bonus extra credit. To satisfy the release criteria you must close trade(s) in respect of commodities, foreign exchange and/or indices with a total £/€/$ per point (spread bets) of 270% bonus amount. For example, to receive a £300 bonus you have to close bets with a stake value £810 per point to satisfy the release criteria (i.e. x 2.7). Once you have made your Qualifying Deposit please contact your Account Relationship Manager or the Customer Service team by emailing customer.service@etxcapital.com to get the appropriate bonus applied to your account.

Why ETX Capital? ETX has traditionally been known for its cutting-edge platforms, which are compatible with pretty much all the devices on the market. ETX Capital offers three trading platforms - their custom web trader, the popular Meta Trader 2 platform and binaries. They offer a very wide range of markets to trade, one-click dealing and claim that you won't experience re-quotes with them. If you trade with ETX try to avoid holding positions overnight as ETX will charge you 4.5% financing on that.

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Note that spread bets carry a high level of risk. You should seek independent advice where necessary - make sure you only speculate with money you can afford to lose! These are both good offers if you're a new account holder and wish to give Capital Spreads or Spread Co a try although the opening of an account shouldn't just be based on free money or cash back.

'You need balls to spread bet...For the ladies, you need some true feminine grit...'