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Darren Winters' Investment Seminars

You've probably heard of Darren Winter, or of his company WIN Investing. He's been advertising extensively over the past few years, and offers investment seminars, both free for three hours, and paid for three days -- the three-hour seminar leads into a sales pitch for the three-day seminar.

The seminars are designed to show you how to trade the stock market and earn yourself a fortune. The three-day seminar costs several thousands of pounds but is often offered at half price to attendees of the three-hour seminar. There have been mixed reviews of his paid seminar.

Recently, Darren Winters has also been trading as The Wealth Training Company, and is also offering to teach customers about Forex trading. His company went through some reorganization in 2009 in order to continue operating. This may make you wonder about the efficacy of the wealth building techniques that are taught.

Surprisingly, it's been reported that Darren Winters who in many ways was the big attraction to the seminars does not personally take part any more. This has been a disappointment to those who have been enticed to the free preview because they had heard of him.

The traditional seminars concentrate on two areas of wealth building. One is stock market trading, the other is property investment, where they promise to reveal over 25 ways to make money from property investing. The WIN system claims to combine the successful strategies of more than 20 of the world's most celebrated high profit traders, together with the insights and techniques from more than 200 books and manuals.

In these days of economic stress, it seems that Darren Winters is still popular despite adverse reports in the press. The sales format is a tried and tested technique, offering a free taster to encourage signing up for the main course, and giving a once only discount while at the free seminar.

Unfortunately, although there are money back guarantees offered there are many reports that these are not readily honoured, and that some participants have gone to court in order to obtain their refunds. If you are considering taking a Darren Winters course, you may wish to bear this in mind if it is used as an inducement to sign up.

Participants are not allowed to record the proceedings of any of the seminars, therefore all reports are hearsay based on the recollections and notes of those taking part. It appears that the investment seminars give a background of trading and go into detailed techniques including charting and indicators for selecting winning trades.

However, reports are that there are no special features that make this course any better than many others, or indeed studying trading books and literature. Many people consider that the amount charged was much more than would be necessary to obtain the same amount of education in another way. And while you can attend the free seminar for further details, doing so you may find that you risk being persuaded to pay for the longer version, which may be a source of regret.

Note: * UPDATE 08/06/09 * - According to the Involvency News website, WIN Investing is to 'propose a LLP Voluntary Arrangement' as of the 30th March 2009. Apparently, however Darren Winters has since established another business trading under the name of 'Wealth Trading Company' ( One thing is is for sure - people that complain about losing money with Darren Winters's companies, Win Investing, or The Wealth Training company, has only got themselves to blame.

Is there anyone else out there who attended one of Darren Winters' seminars recently? What do you think about him and his trading seminars? Send us your feedback by filling the form below.

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