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Big Picture Positioning

One of the great things about having this account is being able to position yourself to take advantage of obvious major world economic trends and developments (without having to set up a Forex or commodities trading account). These plays are very reliable and are available on the Forex betting menu at My bread and butter plays here are the price of gold and the major currency trends against the US Dollar. These become obvious when they start making the headlines in the financial papers. For example, when you see that the US and Europe are in recession and the price of gold is rising, just make a 30-day or 60-day bet on the USD/Gold option that the price of gold will rise. When you hear on CNBC that the US Dollar is now in a secular bear market and that Japan is interfering in a frantic effort to stop it's rise against the Dollar but everyone knows they can't, make a 30-day or 60-day bet that the Dollar will fall against the Yen. It's easy, these plays are obvious, and they almost never lose. Because of that, the pricing you are getting on the wager is not that critical, as you are almost a sure winner when you make it - just make the bet at a reasonably attainable price level. The only drawback on these plays is that they don't happen all the time - you have to wait until major world economic or political events trigger them.

Swing-trade Wagering

Having the betting account club in your stock-trading golf bag will often present opportunities that have a more desirable risk vs. reward profile than simply trading the stock, or even the option. Many times a desirable setup will present itself, for example, on the Oracle daily chart that will offer a potential 200% return on capital with only a 20-30% risk. This can be accomplished by getting a 200% return on a 14-day one-touch bet that you will simply sell back early in 1-3 days if the stock does not move immediately as expected (for example, a reversal play when a long-legged hammer candle pierces mostly through the bottom of a perpendicular bottom Bollinger band on the daily chart at a known support level).


These can work well on either the indices or the individual stocks, but I especially like to play them on the NASDAQ index. Basically you make two one-touch bets at the same time in opposite directions. You need to get 300% pricing in both directions to have an even money play, or 200% pricing to have a situation where you are laying 2-1 odds. I like to make these plays after the NASDAQ has had 3-4 days of quiet, sideways movement and/or the day before major economic data is being released. In this situation you are usually getting the best of it while laying 2-1 as long as you are getting the necessary pricing within a reasonable move range (no more than 50 points in each direction on the NASDAQ for a 5-trading day one-touch play).

Price Tracking

Keep track of the pricing for one-touch bets on all three stocks plus all three indices at several key price levels in both directions every day. Once in a while you will find a price that is way above the norm on one of them, which may make it a good value. Betting on plays that are priced at a good value will show a long run profit because nobody knows what the market will do next. For this to work, you have to actually be getting a good value, not just a better price than usual. Consequently, you will need to track prices for at least a few weeks before you have enough data to reliably start to recognize decent value-pricing plays.

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