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Punter with the Winning Touch - by Bruce Love

This is the Hungarian punter who took financial bookies for GBP200,000 by punting on fixed-odds financial bets.

Toth Kalman, 28, made most of the cash betting through the website and believes he is on course for even better this year.

Kalman said he had designed a statistical model to analyse price movements during the day, enabling him to time his bets to maximize returns.

Ups and Downs: Kalman has designed a statistical model to analyse price movements in New York, London and Frankfurt.

He honed his skills analyzing foreign exchange markets but for the past two years has focused on fixed-odds financial bets, concentrating on equity indices in Frankfurt, New York and London. His system is to follow trends, betting whether an exchange rises or falls given a predetermined trading period.

He said: "You have to be very careful, looking at a lot of different factors.

"It's not just a matter of what the market has been doing recently, there are long-term trends and even intraday trends to consider."

 Toth Kalman - made his profits through fixed odds financial trading

Kalman said he traded in relatively large amounts, punting in excess of GBP1,000 a day, and claimed his biggest one-day win was almost GBP8,000 - with his heaviest one-day loss around the same.

"You have to be quick to catch the market at the right time", he explained.

The Hungarian said he was thinking of using his market nous to advise his countrymen on how to punt on international exchanges and was looking to launch a website.

He said: "Financial betting isn't widely known in Hungary. If more people understood it I think they would find it a very interesting way to make money off the markets." marketing director Michael Wright said: 'We have a lot of eastern European people who play our markets and they are very good. Fortunately their winnings are balanced out by others' losses so we can still make a profit."

Hungary is seen as an attractive market for bookmakers now that the former communist state has become a stable democracy.

Matt Shaw - Financial Whiz Kid

A punter trading via fixed odds betting website has chalked up eight successive wins, I hear.

"The odds against this happening are "100 to 1." Says a spokeswoman.

 Matt Shaw - made his profits through fixed odds financial trading

It turns out that Matt Shaw, the 23-year old concerned, has a long and traumatic background in playing the markets.

When he left school in 2000, his father gave him GBP1,800 that he had been saving for him in a Post Office account ever since he was a toddler.

Shaw proceeded to pile into tech stocks such as Imagination and Amstrad. "My post went from GBP1,800 to GBP12,000 on Imagination only," he says," then I plunged all my profit from that into Amstrad and that grew to GBP26,000. I was laughing, but got greedy. I thought that because the shares went up so much already, they would go up more, and touch my targets just because I wanted them to.

"To cut a long drawn-out story short, I ended up selling the sodding shares for about 50p. I needed the cash, and had around GBP3,000 to my name."

"My pot went from GBP1,800 to GBP12,000 then grew to GBP26,000. I ended up selling the shares for about 50p".

Over the years he proceeded to attend various free seminars on everything from technical trading to spread betting but found most of them "a load of baloney".

It was only when he discover fixed odds betting that he found a trading system that suited him. Then life took an unexpected turn. "My ex-partner told me that we were expecting our first child," he says. "This added to my pressure, as I was also young and short of a few bob!"

After building up a pot by doing odd jobs in his father's business, he began to proser and claims to have won GBP21,000 in just over a year. He adds: "Trading and recruiting clients is my full-time job. My day really couldn't get any fuller.

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