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Greg Secker of Knowledge to Action (, who runs trading programmes for private investors at tradersuniversity, has a series of free mastering trading seminars where you can learn how to select undervalued stocks set to rocket, how to exit profitably and dramatically reduce your risk.

I went along to both the free and paid trading seminars and listened to what he had to say, so I thought I'd share some thoughts. I'm not affiliated in any way, just a bloke on a seminar.

Greg Secker sounded very well informed and that he knew what he was talking about.

However after attending the free seminar, I still left scratching my head slightly because:

  • doubtless, he's a top trader, and to the well informed, trading the markets is a sure route to financial success.
  • when I was at the seminar, there were lots of 'helpers' on hand who were incredibly enthusiastic about enlisting us on to a course (I received emails and telephone calls the following day encouraging me to go on the course!!!) .
  • let's suppose Mr Secker is a very successful day trader - who can generate large sums of money very quickly, why is he charging £2450 for a two day course. Yes, the course looks good with lots of information etc but £2450? That's hardly going to encourage people starting out in the day trading world?

Firstly, the free seminar itself is very well-run. It's fairly clear that it's been rehearsed before (the lights dim at the appropriate times, etc), but is still relaxed and informative. Free coffee and biscuits at half-time as well!

Sales-pitch wise, there's only about five minutes at the start and five or ten at the end where a slightly-harder-than-soft sell is put on; it's not intrusive, and although there's plenty of 'helpers' around to take your completed sign-up form at the end, there's no pressure whatsoever to sign anything. Two things I did find annoying, though, were: the ubiquitous 'sign up now and save even more', and the recurring subtle sell during the presentation of 'financial freedom', etc.

Ignoring all that, though, and we come to the meat of the presentation, which was well over two solid hours of genuinely interesting stuff. The guts of the trading strategy presented is bounded in common sense - only choose stocks from the performing or active sectors, use methods similar to Jim Slater's (Zulu principle, etc) to select underperforming and unloved stocks in those performing sectors, and use technical analysis and indicators to select entry and exit points. The actual trades were spreadbets using normal spread betting leverage, and the stock selection was restricted to FTSE 350.

There was also some discussion on ranging and trending charting techniques (channels, flags, pennants, etc) .

At £2450 odd plus VAT would the course be value for money??

I thought the course to be grossly overpriced but I still decided to attend because I was intrigued by the 15% monthly return claims that Greg makes. Of course anyone who can do this month in month out even half-consistently would be catapulted into superstar-trader league! His knowledge and advice however is sound and the main criticism I have of the weekend course is that I think it is extremely ambitious to cram as much as possible in those two days because it means that important things have to be covered just briefly and indeed when the weekend had finished I felt that too much had been covered too soon and in not enough detail. Also because of this I thought that the course notes were poor for a seminar of this price. If you can't cram all the information in on the 2 days, then you at least need excellent detailed notes to be able to review them.

The two-day course is actually made up of a half-day 'pre-course' set-up day where all your charting, ShareScope, spread betting accounts, etc are set up and configured, then the full two-day weekend immersion in practicing fundamentals and technical analysis techniques coupled with money management and risk assessment. The weekly conference calls were also good.

The course is split into:

- 35% Fundamentals
- 35% Technical Analysis
- 15% Trading Psychology
- 15% Money Management

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