IG Index Stop Loss Rules

Q. It is rather impossible to implement the SB stop rules on the IG platform, as IG restricts the stop levels to a minimum 5%...


A: Do you have a Limited Risk account with IG Index? If so you have to have guaranteed stop orders setup with all your trades which have to be placed a specified distance away. Once you've completed a few trades just give them a call and they are normally happy to switch you to a normal account.

Q. Why do IG Index impose maximum bet sizes at each level?

I don't like the way they impose maximum bet sizes at each level - it's a bit like a booky shortening the odds. That's why I'd like to use another spreadbet firm as well, but not many deal in small AIM shares. Ho hum....

A: You can avoid this by 'upgrading' your IG account but losing the guaranteed stop-loss. Thereafter, unlimited-size positions are possible at any level...

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