Stopped gambling at real casinos

I also gamble online sometimes - but I always keep in mind that I don't have an edge here even though I've tried card counting. Gambling is gambling but I still feel the need for a little bit of relaxation and fun every now and then. And then there is the buzz, the pounding heart and the moment when time around you slows down as the wheel is spinning - really gambling online has to be tried to feel the essence of a pure bet. But REMEMBER its gambling, not trading. It's just a shame that there is no charts for us to analyse ;)

Every time I draw an ace so does the dealer, and it's pissing me off.

"Do you wanna take insurance?" She intones like a curse.

I shake my head, or make a tiny, grudging nod. Whatever. The trouble, is, I care: I hate to see my small pile of chips slowly dwindle. The dealer doesn't give a damn if I win or lose, stay or leave, live or die. I'm just another player in a long, long line. Just another loser.

The old man on my right is getting me down too. Clouds of blue cigar smoke hand around him as he tutts and sighs over my play. Maybe he's some kind of counter and thinks my game is messing up his system. I don't care. He could always find another table.

A hard-faced waitress brings me a free drink, which costs me a $5 tip and tastes more of water than JD. Her eyes never meet mine; there is no smile as she sets the glass down on its paper desk.

A win at last. My soft eighteen against the dealer's queen, five and deuce. Was that scowl I saw on the dealer's face? Even the pit boss looking over her shoulder seems to resent my good fortune.

Kerchung! The slots pay out there feet behind me. An old lady who is feeding her maching like a mother bird with her hungry chick elbows my back yet again. I'm glad she won at last, but wish she were a few feet further away. How long would it take her to put all those quarters back, I wonder.

So many things I don't like about this place. So many ways that the player could be made more welcome, more at home, more willing to stay and play. Come Monday, when I take up my new job as General Manager of this hotel, I'll be ready with a long list of suggestions.

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