Hard Times - Soft Couch; Yes, I'm Unemployed!

Yes, I am unemployed at the moment, but by no means unoccupied. Hmm, that just looks so bad in writing! I fired myself at my last job. I was unhappy for a long time but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Late last month I finally pulled the trigger. Now, I read a lot, write a bit and of course focus my time on trading online. Don't worry, I will survive this period... My favourite saying is that if the system has failed you, don't fail yourself!

Hard Times - Soft Couch

You may lose money and experience some stress, but termination will rocket you out of a situation where you were stagnant, unappreciated, and unfulfilled.

Be bold. If you really have no meaning and the job drains you of who you are - leave! yes, it is scary. There are bills to be paid, and expectations to be met. but, what I have come to realize, is that it will work itself out. Somehow, someway. But your happiness and general sense of being are not worth sacrificing. You are strong and you are worth it. Don't let it defeat you any more.

Now, I'm back with a twinkle in my eye again. Back to the dangerous landscape of life! Who needs Survivor?

Not Working for a Living - For all my peoples, keep ya head up. And read.

I actually thought - and this is really silly when you consider that I've been working for years now and so should know better - that companies feel the same sense of obligation and duty toward their employees that they insist their employees should feel toward them. If you contribute to your company's success and help it to advance its interests and financial health, often making big sacrifices of your own time to do so, then your company will reciprocate by recognizing your efforts and giving you a fair share of the amount you have contributed towards the company. That's the way I thought it worked.

Where in the world did I get that idea? Now I finally understand - and I'm so much the better man and citizen for the understanding - that the true, indeed the only, obligation any company's top management has is to its Board of Directors and major shareholders. Not only have I been alienated, underpaid, and abused but now I am now forced to gaze upon the capitalist system from a cold and comfortless place outside the warmth and safety of its shelter.

Dark Reality - So, You Think You're Smart? Riddle!!

It could be a pot of gold or an empty promise. It's better than any carrot, it's better than any stick, it's better than any environment that we might find. And it has people really caring about the results of a company. It gets you there early, keeps you there late and it's something exciting to talk about. It's the lure which has made me stick to the company and waste 3 years of my life. But what is it!!??????

Answer is found at bottom of the article. But give it a try first!! Its easy!!!

What Do You Do?

Being unemployed, I'm really starting to hate it when the first thing people ask me is what I do for a living. For me, it is the worst question in the world. So I haven't got a "full-time" regular job, so what. I'm still me, and I love life despite its often cruel blows.

Going back to the 'what do you do' asking -:

I've started telling people I'm an "entrepreneur, trying to get some money for a start-up." That start-up being my own career. Or I'm self-employed. Or honesty served with a little more creativity -:"So what do you do?"

"I'm developing my career in market research."

"As an analyst?"

"No, participant."

The Benefits of Being Unemployed!!

Not Having to Wake up to the Alarm Clock

That's an obvious one. You can finally get the good 12 or 13 hours of sleep you've been craving since high school.

Read, Read and Read

One of the side benefits of being unemployed is that you really get to burn through your reading list... Yesterday I sat down and read Robert Vaughan's Hard Times in something like 12 hours, 2pm to 2am.

Lose Weight!

Another is losing weight because I "don't really need that extra slice of..." or dessert, for that matter. I learned that store-brand food, and other things, are just as good as the name-brand, and quite a bit less expensive. I'm feeding myself on less than $10 a day.

My beard - it's still growing!

I also don't have to worry about how well my face matches the cast of the West Wing--my friends and family, as I am reminded, "Love me the way I am."

Getting Rid of Telemarketers and Door-to-Door Salesmen!!

Another is telling telemarketers that you're not working right now, seems to have the almost instantaneous effect of making them go away. :)

$$ Please help me support myself. Clicking on one or more of the 'google adverts' above helps me support myself and pay rent and hosting. It does not cost you anything to click but it allows me to struggle on a few extra months. $$

Performance Reviews - Quotes Taken from actual performance evaluations:

"Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and has started to dig."

"His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity."

"I would not allow this employee to breed."

"This associate is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a definitely won't be."

"Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap."

The Benefits of Being Unemployed!!

Here's some cheery advice for all you unemployed out there!:

1.) before the lay-off

Take as much stuff from your company as possible because you're going to need it. If you can take your laptop, great but at the very least, take all your files. You should be doing this just at the rumor that there might be a lay-off. Be really nice to the mailroom guys because they'll let you mail all sorts of thing to your home.

2.) get new friends

If your old friends are still working it is going to be a bit hard trying to keep hanging out with them. It's going to really annoy them that you have no money to do things. Chances are they are going to pay for you out of pity. That's eventually going to cause some friction. If you aren't really fond of these friends to begin with, this could be the perfect time to sever the relationship and get some new, wealthy friends.

3.) fix up your place

Put that shelf up, change the shower head, grout the bathroom, build the Ikea table that's been sitting in the box for 8 months. Or just clean up the damn place. It's a mess.

4.) sell something

Everyone has crap that they want to get rid of. This is a great time to do it. You can start by selling your business attire. No, don't sell yourself - not unless you can avoid it at least!!

5.) go back to school

Trying to find a job these days is quite difficult. You might even laugh when you wonder why the hell you went to college in the first place. Think of how hard you will laugh when you have an MBA or a PhD and still can't find a job.

6.) learn something new

Did you always fantasize about being a Rock Star or a Paleontologist? Well now's your chance to have some fun. Sign up for guitar lessons or go out and dig a hole in someone's yard. This is a great time to finally explore and pursue your true passion. If you're the very rare person whose passion was doing the job you were just laid-off from, then do something you hate so you can see why the rest of us were so miserable when we were working.

6.) beat the blues

Not working can be depressing, and cheering yourself up can cost money. Maybe knowing about people who are worse off than you will actually make you count your blessings. Join an AA meeting or watch Dateline.

7.) a novel idea

I'll bet you have always thought about writing a best selling novel or an academy award winning screenplay. Chances are, you'll never write either, but the thought that you are going to be a writer can be so uplifting. Buy a couple of notepads and a few new pens. (Even if you still have the supplies you stole from your company.) Write the name of your book/movie on the cover. Every now and then, jot down a few ideas. Start telling people you're a writer.

8.) read a little

It may be too late for the self-help kind. Read the classics, something from Charles Dickens or Danielle Steele. Go to the library and get it for free.

9.) lose some weight

This could be the perfect way to lose weight. Since you are unemployed, you have no money for food. Secondly, you have all the time in the world to exercise. Can't use the old, "I'm too busy to work out" excuse now sucker!

10.) family ties

This is a once and a lifetime opportunity to spend some great quality time with your family.

11.) family byes

Try to get a way from your family. After a few weeks together, you will want to kill yourself.

12.) ask your parents for cash

Since they are older, they are probably from that 'Save your money' generation. Also, visit them more often to soften them up. Plus, get a free meal too.

13.) don't steal but...

If the bank accidentally deposits some money in your account or you are given the wrong amount of change in your favor, shut up. Take the money and run.

14.) here's your tip

Tipping is out of control in the first place. Use this opportunity to reexamine your tips. Does Veritas really prepare quality food all the time? No. Then stop tipping. Taxi drivers, bellhops, waiters, should still get tips, but let's be realistic and extra critical of their service.

15.) unpass the buck

You probably have some services that you are still paying for like; housecleaning, yard work, laundry, garbage pick up. Eliminate these luxuries and start doing things yourself. You probably always complained about their work and thought you could do a better job.

16.) no thrills no frills

There are a lot of products in plain white packages that are cheaper and just as good as the brand name products. Some of which are even made by the same companies that produced the brand name products. That said, stop drinking bottled water.

17.) taps

Stop drinking bottled water and turn to tap water instead. It might not be good (here its quite chloriney) but it will at least quench your thirst and let you live a few more weeks

18.) lower your standards

Admit it! You've been spoiled. Get back in to the human race and accept your place. You can make something of yourself later. For now, just be. You may find that's what you are really good at.

19.) plan a trip

But don't go. This is very similar to the, 'I'm going to write a novel' thing. Sometimes planning a trip and fantasizing about an exotic adventure is all you need to put a smile on your face. You will be kept so busy trying to decide which Island in the Caribbean you should go to. Getting other unemployed friends involved increases the excitement exponentially.

20.) paid volunteers

People who volunteer are the most unselfish people on earth. But paid volunteers are the smart ones. Let's face it, rich people become volunteers out of guilt. I'm not sure why there are so many old volunteers, but bless them too. Maybe they get discounts. This will certainly help your self esteem. Until you realize you can't buy chicken with self esteem. If you are going to volunteer, do it where people really need you; hospitals, big brother, etc.

21.) doggy style

Whenever you have the pleasure of eating out, make sure to take ask for all the leftovers. If there are leftovers from your dining partners, ask for those to be wrapped as well. You can stretch this buy asking the surrounding tables too.

22.) go fish

Whether you live inland or near the shore (I live on an island so this is on my daily schedule), you have a great opportunity to catch your own meal. If you don't have your own rod and reel, borrow one from a friend. Dig up a few worms and off you go. Fresh water will provide you with some fine trout and bass, while the oceans offer up some delicious sole.

23.) go farm

I don't think you should get into the meet and dairy aspects of farming, but you will be amazed how easy it is to grow vegetables. I think you have to start in May. Beefsteak Tomatoes are easy. Avoid eggplant and Zucchini.

24.) join the army

If you have been unemployed for a long time and have no other career option consider joining the army. The pay isn't so good but you can live on it. If for any reason you are rejected by any of the armed forces, other than the Air Force, you must have some serious problems.

25.) go directly to jail

If things get really bad, do something illegal and get caught. This tactic was used during the depression. Do something bad enough that will land you a few weeks in prison. Don't do anything that will land you in Oz.

Answer to Riddle: It's the stock options and end-of-year performance bonus - promises which evaporated after I took the job and which left me hanging in the limbo for 3 years working in excess of 11 hours a day including weekends with no overtime paid!! And surprise not the more I worked, the more was expected of me until I could stand it no more and freaked out.

Bang Bang (My baby shot me down) - Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack

I was five and he was six,
we rode on horses made of sticks.
He wore black and I wore white
he would always win the fight; bang bang.

He shot me down; bang bang,
I hit the ground; bang bang,
that awful sound; bang bang,
my baby shot me down.

Seasons came and changed the time,
when I grew up I called him mine,
he would always laugh and say
remember when we used to play; bang bang.

I shot you down; bang bang,
you hit the ground; bang bang,
that awful sound; bang bang,
I used to shoot you down.

Music played and people sang,
just for me, the churchbells rang.

Now he's gone, I don't know why.
Until this day sometimes I cry.
He didn't even say goodbye,
he didn't even take the time to lie; bang bang.

He shot me down; bang bang,
I hit the ground; bang bang.
The awful sound; bang bang.
My baby shot me down.

Update August 15 - 2004 - No longer unemployed but boy I miss that time! Don't lose courage if you are idle, rather get your hands on something and work on it to the bones ;) And btw if you need any marketing material to help you find a job don't hesitate to contact me. I've become an expert in writing business letters and in the art of promoting oneself.

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