CFTR Goldbars Trading System Review

CFTRGoldBars: Runs a course either by seminar or private tuition, aimed at teaching students to become full-time traders. Full individual tuition costs £1,995 and seminars cost £695. Seminars are held every Saturday and individual tuition is by arrangement, Monday to Friday.

I saw an advert in the Shares magazine, and they offered training to complete novices with regard to learning how to spread bet on the stock market. I sent off for a free information pack and they sent some stuff through about the courses they offer etc. They claim that their top students earn £12k a week on the stock market through spread betting. And many earn £1k a week.

I have attended a Gold Bars/Sign Posts course run by CFTR in West London last summer (approx GBP 700) and subsequently I subscribed to the Signposts Newsletter (GBP 79 per month). The chap that runs the course is a very amiable bloke and doubtless you'll enjoy your day...

Data required for the Gold Bars system comes from an end-of-day download of Futures Cash Packages Data (major indexes and commodities) from the US Commodities Research Bureau (USD 30 per month) and the software needed is MetaStock from Equis International (approx GBP 400).

At the training I attended, CFTR's Jeff Jevtic gave no information on money management and position sizing. However, Jeff did provide elementary explanations of the Goldbars entry and exit strategies, and he explained trailing stop losses in the context of trading the Dow 30 and FTSE 100.

To interpret the Gold Bars correctly one has to look for confirmatory Gold Bars or additional market direction indicators on consecutive days. The system seems to work 'best' in commodities , i.e.energies, metals, meats, foods and grain where there tends to be less volatility and longer more obvious trends. Jeff Jevtic also gives you his 'Goldbar' indicator which is a plug-in for Omega Supercharts, which is supposedly based on indicating Market makers actions in a market and whether they are buying or selling, hence pushing the market up or down.

The daily Sign Posts Newsletter provided market direction indicators, apparently derived from Jeff Jevtic's personal interpretation of current market conditions.

I must have bought just about every book and course on spreadbetting available. My belief now is that if you have to sell a system then it won't work. Also all so called 'systems' fail when I do regression testing on them. I have yet to find one that works.

Have come across stuff on the web that is free and is just as good (or bad) as the stuff they charge big money for.

As for Holy Grail etc all, imho it is still to be found! Naturally I want to make £12k a week; I wanted to when I took the course and I still want to now! Sorry mate, it just isn't that simple, I'm afraid.

Note that there is no website for CFTR - they communicate new trades (nightly) by e-mail for their SignPost system. Information on their course is sent by post - their e-mail address is -> this is not a recommendation imho.

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