Day Trading Course – Trader’s Bootcamp

Day Trading Course: Advanced Course

Trading Psychology

The Composite Operator by Hank Pruden
Slump Busting – by Linda Bradford Raschke
Unnatural Acts by Gary Anderson
Trading With The Edge by Linda Bradford Raschke
The Mind of The Hunter by Hank Pruden
The Winning Mentality by Toni Turner
Peak Performance by Linda Bradford Raschke

The Business of Trading

The Business Plan by Linda Bradford Raschke
The Daily Trading Plan – by Gary Anderson
Money Management – Trading Thirds by Walter Bressert
The Professional Day Trader by Mark Cook

Cycle Trading

Identifying Cycle Tops and Bottoms by Walter Bressert
Trading Signals – by Walter Bressert
Cycles Within Cycles by Walter Bressert
Timing Bands by Walter Bressert
Trade With The Trend by Walter Bressert
Gauging The Trend 1 by Walter Bressert
Gauging The Trend 2 by Walter Bressert

Trading Techniques

Trendline Triggers by Stewart Taylor
Making Sausage: Controlling Risk – by Gary Anderson
Tape Reading by Linda Raschke
Tape Reading II by Linda Raschke
Springs and Upthrusts by Hank Prudenc
The Turkey Shoot by Gary Anderson
The Taxonomy of Bear Markets by Gary Anderson
My Strategic Trading Rules by Gary Anderson
Level II Trading: Tactics and Techniques by Toni Turner

Inter-Market Analysis

Introduction by Kevin Klombies
Bonds and Commodities – by Kevin Klombies
Stocks and Bonds by Kevin Klombies
Crude Oil and Bonds by Kevin Klombies
Other Inter-Market Relationships by Kevin Klombies

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