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You can see Sandy Jadeja on the free Finspreads seminars, which allows you to meet him and gives you a flavor of what is on his courses, as I did. Some of the courses run by the spreadbet companies can be quite good and offer good value (and a day out to meet like minded people) if they are free. The only thing is that some of these courses contain a certain amount of sales pitch. Quite often the speaker is promoting his own private coaching services for which he/she obviously charges a fee.

  1. The reasons I went on the paid seminar are:
  2. Good reviews (posted sparsely on the Internet)
  3. I knew nothing about Fibonacci ratios and wanted to learn about them and their real life application.
  4. Was struggling to find a suitable technical trend following strategy that I felt I was comfortable with. Especially as I have a small account size and didn't want to suffer large draw downs.
  5. I had previously been on a Turtle Trading Seminar with 450+ other people, hosted by Vince Stanzione and Russell Sands and paid five times the cost of Sandy's course only to learn that I didn't have the required capital to trade the Turtle system effectively. I also learnt afterwards that these guys don't even trade. I therefore felt that I needed to learn from somebody who actually does trade the method that he teaches..

This is the second course of Sandy's I have attended and it has reinforced some of the techniques I had forgotten. The time analysis was something I didn't know about and found it of good use. With all these courses you pay your money. I personally found it to be good value for money.

Sandy is a friendly, patient and amusing guy, and makes a long day (9-6:30 yesterday) fly by. Sandy Jadeja's one day workshop is one of the better courses on trading. Unlike others he does not try to teach or cover too many methods of Technical Analysis packed with loads of information. He focuses on one specific system and presents it in a very lucid manner. He covers all essential aspects that one needs to start trading - markets to trade, chart patterns to look for, signals to enter and exit and crucially important risk and money management. Sandy's genuine interest in the delegates does not end with the course. Since the end of the course he has followed it up to find out how we are getting along in practice and to assure us of his help. He has sent several emails with worked out examples and other suggestions. Compared to some other courses the fee is very reasonable and certainly worth it.

He spent the morning going through Fibonacci ratios and defining his strict entry criteria. In the afternoon he covered exit strategies, money management and reward/risk management. During the exercises, he went round to each person making sure they understood everything. He showed us the losses as well as the wins in the numerous examples.

The afternoon was spent going through risk management and advanced Fibonacci patterns. Numerous examples were provided and discussed. Sandy wasn't shy about answering questions from class members and actively encouraged this.

All delegates take away a Course Folder and a CD. The CD contains a calculating tool for your entry points as taught and a calculating tool for your position size per spreadbet point in relation to your trading capital and stop loss point. Also on the CD is some video footage showing Sandy going through some trades step by step & I think this is an excellent addition to the course. There is also other information to look at on the CD eg info re Stocks but the Calculating Tools and the Video Trades make the CD invaluable for me personally. There is after course support in the form of a 1:1 follow up at your own convenience and unlimited e-mail / telephone access to Sandy.

The class consisted of 20 people. There was a mixture of people from newbies to people with many years trading experience. He made it quite clear that he does not promise riches to anyone except that if you follow the method without any changes then it does work.

The one thing he mentioned was the "fallout" after these workshops - the people who succeed, seem to a minimal percentage. I can see why, when things don't go your way for a while. But Sandy does try to keep it real and one of the harsh realities of trading seems to be you lose more than you win, but when you win (which seems to happen when you think you can never make your money back and more to produce a good profit) YOU WIN. You must be prepared to lose - we all say yeah - that is fine, but when it happens, your stomach hits the floor and you just wish you were still using pampers. But you do get used to this... it becomes matter of fact.

What I didn't like is him trying to make himself look special - He kept on about how much financial institutions would pay him to run his courses - mentioning a figure of £50,000 and I found his attitude rather blase - he seemed to imply that it is easy to make £15K a week or £200K a year, simply spreadbetting - for myself it hasn't been easy at all although I do generate a modest profit through spread betting now.

However, having said that, to my best judgement, Sandy Jadeja has a genuine interest in the success of the people who attend; he is careful to keep us real in terms of what can be achieved, but is very encouraging of our efforts. Thumbs up from me, although I feel his course is not for beginners. It's pure technical analysis, good value for money and a complete methodology including money management. As long as you're already familiar with how the market reacts to Fibonacci levels, and you can determine the current daily and weekly trends correctly, and you have your trading services all sorted out then this is a very good course to consider. It will definitely help if you are already a believer in the Fibonacci levels otherwise you will waste most of your day wondering to yourself "why on earth should I multiply by 1.272?" (or is it divide). It also requires a bit of maths on the day so for anyone who's not using arithmetic regularly brush up on your fractions and percentages calculation techniques using a calculator before you go in order to get the most out of your time there.

Sandy Jadeja recommended Robert Fisher - Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders which is a good book and is a similar approach to his trading methodology. So to end this review I do recommend Sandy Jadeja's courses but ultimately, each individual is responsible as to whether they put the effort in to make it work. And yes he also has his own site located at

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