Placing Stops Out-of-Hours

Q. I'm trying to place an order out-of-hours but my spread betting company will not let me place the buy order at the price I want to!


A: This is usually because outside market hours spread betting providers do not know exactly where the market will open in the next trading session. If so you can always place your buy order as close to your planned entry price as possible. For instance if you are planning to go 'long on gold at 950' but you are only able to place a market order between 949 and 951, then you can set the buy order at 951. If it was to 'sell gold at 949' you can set the sell order at 949.

Q. Can I make adjustments to the stop levels out-of-hours?

A: Most spread betting providers will allow you to change the stop levels of your trade even outside market hours.

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