Trade Nasdaq Shares

Certainly, the most popular individual shares for spreadbetters belong to the FTSE 100. A good starting point for anyone wanting to use spread betting for profit is the list of FTSE 100 shares. The FTSE 100 is made up of the hundred biggest blue-chip companies in the UK market, and as such they represent about 80% in value of the stock market. This equates to about 9% of the global share market. Many of these companies are household names, so you have a starting point for getting to know enough about them to feel comfortable trading them.

Trading Nasdaq Shares

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One sector that has gathered a lot of attention more recently is the technology sector. The sector has been one of the more resilient during the crisis, but there have been some shocks and points of interest over the past years. The initial public offering of social media website Facebook and more recently the disappointing market update from Twitter have provided short-term investors with opportunities to take advantage of valuations that have often nonplussed investors. The scope for further merger & acquisition activity is also quite high with a number of companies sitting on stockpiled cash.

Stocks like eBay and Adobe are good alternatives to the mainstream Microsoft, Apple and Google. eBay for instance has completely reinvented itself with more than 70% of the marketplace business now coming from the sale of new goods rather than auctioned items. Similarly, Adobe is launching new products and targeting increased subscriptions as well as having the leading HTML5 publishing product on the market.

Aside from the obvious technological advances such as the use of smart phones, cloud computing and social media, technology also has a major impact on other sectors such as how it can be utilized for medical purposes, global food production techniques and rapid urbanisation. Perhaps that internet boom that cost investors their wealth all those years ago is finally upon us, only this time it is bigger and better than ever.

This doesn’t mean that there are no risks in putting your hard earned money in USA companies; particularly technoloyg stocks. The USA economy is just emerging from recession and in quite a few ways America’s national and state finances aren’t in much better shape than those in Europe.

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