Spread Betting Glossary

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  Wall Street
the street in New York where the NYSE New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is located. Can also refer to the NYSE itself and all financial institutions in New York City including stock exchanges, banks and commodity markets.
  Waved Deposit Limit
This is where a spread betting company effectively advances you more credit under another name.
A negotiable right to subscribe for stocks or shares at some time in the future. Similar to an option but used by companies to raise money. In other words, a tradable security providing the holder with the right to buy shares at a set price on a future date.
When issued. Trading in bonds can start in the so-called grey market as soon as the formal announcement of their issuance has been made but before they are delivered. Thisis also known as free to trade.
  White Knight
A third party bidder for a company who the target company prefers over the hostile bidder.
  Wireless dealing
the opportunity to trade via equipment such as mobile phones and PDA's.
  Working Capital
Working capital is the cash available to a company to cover it's day to day running costs. It is calculated by subtracting total current liabilities from total current assets.