Comparing the Different Spread Betting Companies

Highlights at ETX Capital

ETX Capital are very competitive on spreads on most markets and offer a pretty and sleek trading platform.

Markets Covered

Good range of markets are covered including foreign exchange, indices, sectors, shares, commodities, options, bonds and interest rates.

Training Facilities

Seminars and live webinars are available. ETX also offer an advanced trader course and 'How to' Videos.

Typical Spreads

FTSE 100 Shares: from 0.09%
FTSE 250 Shares: from 0.09% either side
Small Cap & AIM shares: from 0.09% either side (limited choice)
US Shares: from 0.08% either side
FTSE 100: Variable but 1 in market hours (08.00-16.30)
Wall Street: Variable but 2 in market hours (14.30-21.15)
GBP/USD: 3 points
Gold: 4 points

Dealing Commissions and Fees

Everything incorporated into the spread, overnight funding charge for rolling daily contracts

Financing Charges

Overnight Charges: Libor +/- 4.5%

Accounts Available and Credit Facilities

Spread Betting/CFDs. Deposit Accounts. No Credit.

Mobile Dealing

iPhone Application, can also be used on iPad, main platform is web based.

Minimum Stake and Deposit

To Research.

Rolling Policy

A trade in a rolling daily market will be automatically rolled to the next day until the trade is closed. Profits and losses are crystallised when the trade is closed, so the profit or loss realised will be the difference between the price you opened the trade and the price the trade was closed.

Dividend Policy

An adjustment for dividends will be paid to or deducted from your account. A long position will be credited 80% of the dividend a short positions will be debited 100% of the dividend.


Yes, Futures are available. ETX offer the near month future; they do not offer futures on equity markets.

Stop and Limit Orders Available

Stops and Limit Orders are available. No Guaranteed Stops, Now offer trailing stops.

Basis for Triggering of Stops

Stops will be activated when the ETX bid/ask reaches or breaches the stop loss level. In equity markets checks are made to ensure that wide bid/offers in the underlying market at the open do not unfairly trigger stops.

Opening Hours

Sunday 21:30 – Friday 21:15.

Research and Charting

IT Finance Charting Available(basic and advanced, plus 5 Newsletters and IB Times Global Newswire.


Quite good e-mail/telephone support.

Details and Signup Incentives

Apply for an ETX Capital account today and receive an 'up to' 50% bonus up to £5000. To take advantage of this offer apply using this link Additional terms and conditions apply (see link for details)

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