Comparing the Different Spread Betting Companies

Highlights at Spread Co

Spread Co is a an emerging global provider of spread betting, CFD and Forex trading on the world's financial markets. Daily financing rates at Spread Co are just +/- 2%. Spread Co also seek to distinguish themselves by not charging for rolling a short position.

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Markets Covered

Good range of markets covered including Indices, Equities, Forex, and Commodities. Equities covered include all FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 stocks, All Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 stocks and all 30 DAX stocks. 34 Currency Pairs, all major indices and commodities. Spread Co also offer spreads on ETFs such as the PWRS QQQ, SPDR Financial, SPDR Technology and Country Basket ETFs such as the UK, Canada, Japan and France country baskets.

Training Facilities

Educational tools include online tutorials on CFDs and Spread Betting, User Guides and Demos, Training CD’s and Webinars.

Typical Spreads

FTSE 100 Shares: 0.075% either side.
FTSE 250 Shares: 0.075% either side.
US: 0.075% either side.
FTSE 100: 0.8 points daily
Wall Street: 0.8 points daily
GBP/USD: 1 point spot

Gold: 4 points

Dealing Commissions and Fees

No direct dealing commissions and fees apart from the spread.

Financing Charges

One month Libor +/- 2%.

Accounts Available and Credit Facilities

Spread Betting, CFDs, Forex and Premium Securities. No credit facilities available

Minimum Stake and Deposit

£1 and £100.

Rolling Policy

There is no charge on Futures; the contract is rolled over to the next one. Forex charged or credited depending on interest rates of currency pair. Spot positions are rolled on a daily basis with a financing charge of one month Libor +/- 2%. Rollover of positions are done at 10pm every day, on a mark to market basis.

Dividend Policy

The position is adjusted for the weighted effect of any stock dividend within the index. Spread Co pays out 90% for long UK positions, 85% for long US positions, and they charge 100% for short UK and US positions.

Stop and Limit Orders Available

Yes. Spread Co offers standard stop loss orders, Guaranteed stop loss orders and OCOs.

Basis for Triggering of Stops

You are trading off of Spread Co's market spreads – if you have a sell stop at 300 and their bid price reaches 300, you will be filled.

Opening Hours

24 hours.

Research and Charting

Real time updating Economic Calendar, Free daily updates from Directors Deals, proprietary charting software with customisable study settings and all key charting tools. Ability to have multiple charts open on trading screen and trade from charts.


Support staff are ok.

Details and Signup Incentives

A more detailed review of Spread Co is available here.

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